Ndamukong Suh Gets Into With Detroit Radio Guys over SUH Stomp (Audio)

Suh never goes crazy, so I wouldn’t call it an incident or him walking out on the interview as it has been describe. The problem is that Suh needs to understand these type of questions are going to come and he has to be prepared to answer them.

There are two ways he can answer them.

He can lie or he can try to fight the media.

My suggestion is that he lies. Just tell them what they want to hear and keep it moving, because once you are painted a certain way there is not much you can do to change the picture.

Suh’s opinion doesn’t matter right now.

It sucks, but that is the way it works in new age media. You stomp someone, you drive your car into a tree, so at this oint no one wants to here your explanations no matter if they make sense or not. People especially don’t want to hear you blaming others.

Bite your tongue and move on to next interview. This isn’t helping Suh’s image in any way.

H/T @ Deadspin

3 thoughts on “Ndamukong Suh Gets Into With Detroit Radio Guys over SUH Stomp (Audio)

  • He needs to learn the “never lose your cool” philosophy….

  • I have zero problems with his answers at all. These media types are always looking for gossip to be one up on a competitor.

    He didn’t lose his cool and didn’t let him in on team matters that were handled within the team.

    • Are you kidding? There are ways to loose your cool and appear to be calm and in control. Suh is a classic passive agressive personality and some people just aren’t smart enough to recognize this. You can’t have it both ways and get all the hype and praise and $ endorsement when you do good and then say you don’t want to talk about your personal stuff when you do bad. The radio guys were asking questions that we as fans don’t get a chance to ask but want to know.

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