New York Giants Control Own Destiny In NFC East, Could Face Packers Again in NFC Title Game

If you were 80 yards away from a touchdown that would win the Super Bowl, would you rather have Eli or Peyton? While the younger Manning doesn’t put up the eye popping stats that Peyton does in Indy, he does live for the “big moment”. Just two weeks ago, Eli’s Giants came off an embarrassing 49-24 drubbing at the hands of the Saints. At that point, the Giants were written off as many thought their playoff hopes were gone. However with the Cowboys getting conveniently cold, the Giants now find themselves in a tie with Dallas at the top of the NFC East standings at 7-6.

Eli Manning showed why he is a big game quarterback in the 38-35 loss to the Packers. His only crime in that game was leaving Aaron Rodgers 58 seconds to work with allowing the Packers to get a last second FG to win the game. Those looking for a Packers-Giants rematch may see one once again in the playoffs and this time a Super Bowl berth will likely be on the line. Let me explain how this could happen:

* If the Giants win the rest of their games (10-6) they’ll hold the tiebreaker with the Cowboys and likely get the No. 4 seed.

* The Packers, currently undefeated, should get the No. 1 seed.

* If the Giants win their Wild Card (at home) and Divisional matchups (likely on the road), they’ll be headed to Lambeau to face the Packers with a Super Bowl berth on the line (assuming the Packers win their first playoff game).

You have to understand that right now we’re working with a lot of “ifs”. Using this rationale you could probably predict the Broncos to to be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. So therefore, it’s best to take this information with a grain of salt. However, it doesn’t hurt to speculate especially when you’ve seen the same sort of thing happen before.

It was just a few years ago that the Giants lost to the Patriots in the season finale, made it through the NFC playoffs beating the Packers at Lambeau in the NFC Title game and ending the Patriots undefeated season in the Super Bowl. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants caught fire and spoiled another undefeated season.

One thought on “New York Giants Control Own Destiny In NFC East, Could Face Packers Again in NFC Title Game

  • If the Giants get into the playoffs as the 4 seed as you predict they will, they are much more likely to face the Packers in the NFC divisional round rather than the NFC Championship. The only way the Giants can face the Packers in the NFC championship game is if the Saints, who presumably will be the 3 seed, lose their wild card game, which the Saints would host. I however, think your article is moot since Dallas will find a way to win out!

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