Nubag: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer From Santa’s Sack

This post is brought to you by Nubag. All Opinions are 100% mine. Read to find out how you can win $250 from Nubag.

Just in time for Christmas, you can get something from Santa’s Sack made especially for yours. Nübag (also written as Nubag) touts itself as a revolutionary male refreshing spray. In other words, spray for your onion bag to make it smell less like onions.

When I first heard about the product I agreed to write about it Nubag Wants to Give You a Sack of Money and after some back and forth contact with the South Florida based skin care company that developed the product, I agreed to try their product and share my thoughts with the readers of After all, the research shows most of our readers have balls or know somebody who does and a good percentage of our readers like to participate in sports as much as they like reading about it.

So when the small blue bottle arrived in my mailbox, I thought to myself “am I going to actually spray this on my junk?” and more importantly, “am I going to tell a whole bunch of strangers that I sprayed this on my junk?”

The answer to both those questions was yes. So here you go.

I am not a naturally sweaty person. Even in the terrible Miami humidity it takes a lot for me to break a sweat. Unfortunately for me (but fortunate for the purposes of this article) the air conditioning at my job was busted and I work in close proximity to 40 teenagers in a small room. After 8 hours in my classroom all I could think of was to run home and jump in the shower. Unfortunately for me, my work day just started when I left school. It was off to pick up the kids, take care of them until mom came home (my son is 6 months old, so I couldn’t sneak away for a shower) and then between play time, dinner and bedtimes, it was 8 P.M. before I could even consider jumping in the shower.

That is where Nubag came in.

It was easy to put on some deodorant and splash some water on my face, but that did nothing for my swamp bag. But after a couple of spritzes from the little blue bottle, I actually felt refreshed and comfortable down there. It definitely held me over until I could jump in the shower later that night.

Is it an amazingly effective odor neutralizer? I really couldn’t tell you because I don’t know if I actually smelled better or if I THOUGHT I smelled better. Either way (I tend to believe I smelled better) the product had its intended effect. I felt comfortable and I was no longer nauseating to those around me. I’m not going to lie, the cool spritz did feel pretty good.

So as my supply dwindles, I have to come to a decision. Would I purchase this product?

The answer to that is yes.

At only $9.97 plus shipping, it isn’t at all expensive. You also have to consider I have been able to stretch the supply to almost 2 months. That price also has the added benefit that it is low enough that you can purchase it for that one friend you play basketball with who smuggles a sewage treatment plant in his shorts.

The truth is, after talking to the guys from Nubag it is clear that if every unit they sell is purchased as a gag gift they will be happy. Nubag sales won’t make or break the company, but it’s a different approach from the dry world of skin care products.

Visiting their website ( it is clear these guys have a sense of humor. They know there is a market there and they are planning to grab it by the horns (not what you expected me to say there, huh?)

They also realize they need to capitalize on social networking to help spread their message. That is where @mrnubag, the official twitter of Mr. Nubag, comes in. Mr. Nubag is the official spokesperson for Nubag. He is basically a water droplet shaped like testicles. His official twitter is funny and like the product, refreshing. You get all the ball stories you can handle and you can give them your ideas on how to promote the product.

One of the contests they are running is for t-shirt designs. If you think you have what it takes to draw up a clever and funny shirt that embodies what Nubag is all about, let it all hang out and send them your ideas via the website or twitter.

I can attest to this, independent of this product review, I sent them an idea for a t-shirt that they liked so much they will be selling it on the website. For a quick tweet I made a cool $250.

Whether you have a legit odor problem and have tried everything else or if you want to buy it for friends as a joke, Nubag is a product that deserves your patronage.

So this holiday season, after you Deck The Halls, Spritz your Balls.

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