Packer Fan Chokes Her Daughter Because of Green Bay Loss

Say it with me again slowly……..


I am going to go out on a limb and say this mom is Husky and not happy with her life.

Police say a drunken woman twice choked her 11-year-old daughter on Sunday after becoming angered by the Green Bay Packers game.

The 36-year-old Grand Chute woman was charged Monday in Outagamie County Court with felony child abuse and misdemeanor counts of bail jumping and disorderly conduct.

Police were called about 8:15 p.m. Sunday to a Grand Chute hotel where the girl told police her mother grabbed her by the neck during the football game. The woman was drinking alcohol and became upset because the team was losing. The girl said that after the Packers lost, her mother choked her again with enough force that the girl couldn’t breathe, and her mother said, “Do you want to die?” the criminal complaint says.

Police saw red marks and scratches on the girl’s neck.

The husband was in the room, but reports are that he also feared for his life.

I wonder if the woman realizes the Packers are 13-1.  Someone would have gotten shot if she was a Colts fan.

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