Penn State Players Upset About Having To Play In “Ticket City Bowl”

Chances are that were if not for the monster we know as Jerry Sandusky, the Nittany Lions would be playing in a more prestigious bowl. However, after the backlash of the sex abuse scandal, Penn State finds themselves in the “Ticket City Bowl” and many of their players are unhappy about this. has the scoop:

 Penn State players may have nothing against the Lone Star State, but it’s not  where they prefer to start a new year. Several players expressed their  disappointment over dropping to the TicketCity Bowl on their Twitter accounts  … “Someone please tell me that the rumors swirling about the Ticket City Bowl  are a sick joke,” tweeted redshirt junior linebacker Mike Yancich, from Trinity.  “The players are getting punished for things they had nothing to do with.”  “Remind me again what we did to deserve this?” said redshirt junior long snapper  Mike Fuhrman, from North Allegheny. “Might as well [be] playing against concord  high psu vs chs,” junior starting wide receiver Justin Brown tweeted.

The players are upset and they should be.

2 thoughts on “Penn State Players Upset About Having To Play In “Ticket City Bowl”

  • Maybe they should be directing these questions at their coaches. Or Paterno. Sorry for em teyre collateral damage.its not fair, but life ain’t fair. Ill save my sympathy for te real victims

  • I am so sick of hearing about the “poor” Penn State players and all their boo-hooing. If they’re good enough to play in the pros, they get their chance next season. If they’re not good enough to play in the pros, they’s have an opportunity to get a free college education at what was once a good university. If Penn State had any decency whatsoever and cared even a small iota for the real victims – the kids – they’d have removed themselves from bowl consideration. And just for the record “” is blocked on my desktop and laptop.

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