Photo: Fan Gets Golfer Bubba Watson Tattoo, Misses Important Detail

The hardcore golf fan can tell you who is best within 100 yards of the pin, who is deadly with a 7 Iron and who is the longest off the tee. Casual fans like me identify guys in other ways. You have the guy who wears the funny hats, the guy who smokes, the guy who used to drink a lot and the black guy who likes all those white women not named Elin.

Aside from those idiosyncrasies, there is two major things that are easy for even the most casual fan to identify. For one, you have guys who use long putters as opposed to the regular shorter putters. The other one is even easier to identify and that is whether a golfer is right or left handed.

Now ask a casual golf fan to name a left handed golfer and most will say Phil Mickelson, whose nickname, conveniently enough, is “Lefty”. The other guy some people might know is Bubba Watson, who finished second in the PGA Championship last year.

I assume that the unidentified tattoo aficionado shown above can be classified as a hardcore golf fan, and more importantly a hardcore Bubba Watson fan. So you would think this guy would know that a left handed golfer would not be holding a right handed driver. Beyond that, you would have to think he does a little fact checking before getting the image permanently inked on his body for eternity.

I am not taking into account the fact that Watson’s head is disproportionately large compared to his body.

h/t @darrenrovell


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