Photos of Aleea Lee the 19 Year Old Deion Sanders Allegedly Cheating on Pilar With



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You may recall this was the original story that got ball rolling toward the divorce between Deion and Pilar (Deion Sanders Cheats on Pilar With 19 Year Old? Pacman Jones Wing Man?).

Text messages, flight records, Pacman Jones playing Wing Man and alleged pics of Deion sleeping while the 19 year old girl went through the belongings which you can view at the link above.

It was quite messy, Deion denied it and we told both side of the story.

Now the identity of that young lady has come out. She is random Twodel named Aleea Lee. You can see some of her pics above and a video below.

I figured once Deiondra went on her Epic Twitter rant yesterday afternoon (Deion Sanders’ Daughter Deiondra Goes on Twitter Rant, Calls Pilar a Gold Digging Ho) that the gloves would be off and both Pilar and Deion’s alleged infidelities might come to light.

Expect more of this as we head into 2012.


  1. You dum niggaz all da same. Just wanta bust da young azz and don’t give a damm bout nuffn else.

  2. to disrespect a man of GOD for something that a so-called man chooses to do is so disrespectful! I pray for your soul! But as far as Deion…GOD gives you choices! What you do with them is on you! Bishop Jakes didn’t tell him to cheat!! Don’t blame him for what Primetime chose to do!

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