Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga Says She Isn’t Kobe Bryant’s Mistress (Video)


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Funniest thing about the video is the TMZ employee is doing his job trying to get Jessica (Playboy Pics Jessica Burciaga NSFW) to confirm or deny the rumors she is the reason Vanessa Bryant is filing for divorce and after he gets an answer he lets out a very creepy.


For some reason that made me laugh hysterically for 10 minutes.

People are trying to figure out who exactly Kobe was creeping with, so you are going to hear a lot of names come out. But just like NBA trade rumors don’t believe anything you read.

Unless some text messages or a Tiger Woods style voicemail surfaces no one knows anything.

Sanaa Lathan doesn’t believe her.

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  • I wouldn’t have believed Pilar was mistress who lucked up and became wife untill pilar sister confirm on tweetet @deethickchickk4u she said to deion sanders daughter via twitter :you just mad cuz pilar took yo daddy from yo mammy u a cry baby. now what kind of thing is that for a over 40 woman to say. this is a carbon copy of pilar she gloats in what she did.

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