Report: Eddy Curry to Sign with the Miami Heat

I really want the Heat to sign Stephon Marbury then we could really have some fun this year. Basically the Heat are going to bring in any tall player available and use them as a goon.

Curry seems to be the preferred goon of choice.

The Miami Heat and Eddy Curry have had an odd on-again, off-again relationship over the past few months. After getting a couple workouts in Miami late last season, the Heat passed on the former lottery pick.

But finally, Curry will be taking his talents, or what he has left of those, to South Beach. According to HoopsWorld, Curry will sign a deal with the Heat Friday, presumably for a year.

Curry was close to signing with the Heat last season but his weight and shape were an issue. Curry spent all summer working out and getting in better shape to try and win a deal with the Heat. His trainer, Tim Grover, said in October that Curry was in “excellent shape” and that there was “no question” he would be ready to join a team once the lockout ended.

Curry and South Beach seems a bad mix and I am not talking about on the court, but we will see.


2 thoughts on “Report: Eddy Curry to Sign with the Miami Heat

  • What he did for NY… that lazy sack of shhh…. Im even angrier that they let him wear Oakley’s old number he had no heart with NY so why should we expect more in Miami? cant wait for Chandler to shut em down when Knicks play em!

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