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Robert Griffin III Fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat (Photos)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, December 12th, 2011
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Here is a scientific experiment that I know is going to go horribly wrong.

From all accounts Robert Griffin III is a good kid.  Smart kid that has an incredibly bright future ahead of him.  He has a fiancée and they appear to be very happy.

Read RG3 account of the proposal.

“Well, there’s lies involved in proposals, so I told her after the game that I had to go to the (indoor football practice) facility,” Griffin said. “I told her me and the team leaders had to do something in there.

“So I told her I could do mine (Saturday night), and they were going to do theirs (Sunday), which makes it a bold-face lie. But she believed it, so I told her to come in there.”

“I went in the bathroom and my dad gave me the ring, and I walked in the indoor (facility), and I had candles everywhere,” Griffin said. “I had one of my teammates playing the guitar, so I talked to her and serenaded her. I walked into the middle where her family was standing with candles and I popped the question.

“I couldn’t see her face to see her crying, because it was so dark. But when I kissed her I felt the wetness on her cheeks.”

“She said yes and she cried,” Griffin said. “So I did a pretty good job.”

Very nice on RG3’s part.

Let’s see if some “women” can be happy for him or not.

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  1. GQTrojan says:

    When you say “some women” are you referring to the bitter females who will no doubt be irritated by the fact that Robert is engaged to a white woman rather than a nice, chocolate sista?

    • D says:

      These are probably the same “women” who will make the inevitable “Becky” comments. On the real, congrats to the happy couple.

      • GQTrojan says:

        Yes, the same women who will accuse RG3 of being a self-hating black man all because he chose to enter a relationship with a woman who does not have his mother’s shade of skin.

        • I am shocked at the hate being directed at black women before anybody has said anything!!!! So who’s hatin on who? I am a black man – a master cocksman in fact – and I have had all kinds of beautiful gifted women: including some white ones who would make Ms. Becky look quite ordinary! But I have been married twice and both times to black women. One Afro-Cuban and one Afro-American. I think that black women have every right to be disappointed in these rich black superstar celebrities running off and marrying white women. Especially since you rarely see a white superstar marrying a black woman. Whassup with that? What does that say about black men and what we think of our women? It has gotten so that I find sites online, put up by obvious white racist, asking questions like “Why don’t black men like their women?” I am embarrassed by it,and its not true of anybody I know; so i am pissed at these spoiled, overpraised, filty rich assholes making us all look like assholes. I am puzzled why robert Griffin couldn’t find a black woman to share his good fortune. And yes I think there is something wrong with him…since there are so many brilliant, strong, hip, classy, elegant, sexy and drop dead gordeous black women out here…including my daughter!!! Who is not only intellectually briliant, artistically talented – but she looks like a fine bronze work of art. I THINK RG III IS WHaT THE OLD FOLKS IN WACO USED TO CALL “A WHITE FOLKS NIGGER!!!!! I say this not only because he is marrying a white girl, but when he was asked which NFL quarterbacks inspired him that Tom named a bunch of white boys and Randall Cunningham:BUT HE NEVER MENTIONED MIKE VICK!!!!!!!

          • chris says:

            why would he name mike vick? vick is a clown who has never accomplished anything on a football field. all vick has going for him is the fact he is a “hood hero”.

          • Eve says:

            I try not to judge people simply on the color of their skin, but I’m human and with that comes emotional flaws. With that said, I whole- heartedly understand Mr. Benjamin’s view. Why don’t rich white atheletes go off and marry black women?? Everytime this happens it does make you think ‘What does that say about black men and what they think of our women’? My only hope is that they really love each other, as love is the greatest thing in life. Plus marriage is really hard, but can be rewarding only if based in truth and love.

          • RRazz says:

            Amen brother. And RG3’s parents should be ashamed of themselves. What happened in his upbringing that tells him a women who looks like his mom is not good enough for him?

          • mike says:

            whyy would anyone mention vick. he is a great athelete but a sorry qb. if he couldnt run the way he does then no one would be going aafter him to lead a team

    • Adrian says:

      Yep there will be self-hating females that don’t get it. RG3 loves himself and simply choose the best fit for him. There are some brothers out there that’s down to earth, caring and dont feel the need to date women that will attempt to emasculate them at any given moment. Thumbs up, those women that will be hating have NO mirrors in their house.

    • benthere says:

      To soon…need to get his feet wet first. If he goes pro he will be on the road a lot and it doesn’t matter how smart you are…he’s human.

  2. anon says:

    Poor Rob, the only self hating ignorant “man” is you! Funny how you call his true love for his fiance a scientific experiment. You’re a jaded ignorant fool who seems to point your finger at everyone ele instead of looking at yourself. DUMMY!

  3. btys says:

    Has nothing to do with the fact that she is white. She is just not that attractive. Regardless of what he looks like he will soon be a popular young millionaire and she won’t stand a chance against the likes of Draya and the rest of the world’s wanna be professional baller wives.

  4. sciguy says:

    Sorry: look in her eyes: she does not love him. That is not a “look of love”… more like a look of resignation.

  5. cxd says:


    Get a pre-nup….. And don’t get her pregnant….

    What a sucker….

  6. Adrian says:

    Yep there will be self-hating females that don’t get it. RG3 loves himself and simply choose the best fit for him. There are some brothers out there that’s down to earth, caring and dont feel the need to date women that will attempt to emasculate them at any given moment. Thumbs up, those women hating have NO mirrors in their house.

  7. Adrian says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it tough being in the spotlight, people have free reign to dissect love ones in open forums such as this one. Funny thing is we are so numb on superficial beauty when a girl doesn’t look like some video girl, a porn star or something that makes traffic stop. Not having those hangups might be what makes him the man he is. Now all we need is Tim Teebow to get a black fiance and then we can get ready for civil war 2012

    • Mandla says:


      • R. Rock says:

        Most black atheletes don’t care that the white girl that stalks black athletes in general, have no interest in embracing black culture, are not socially or politically progressive, have no understanding of racism or really has no association with black people in general, except her desire for a black athlete. If she saw the same black guy walking down the street with his dreads and pants sagging she would change sides or hold her purse tightly. In that instance he’s just another you know what. Love is not blind, we just
        choose to ignore realty, which rears it’s ugly headed sooner or later. Black athletes have always been easy prey for white women and that will never change. For the guy who said black women challenges black men masculinity that is so typical. We go through the same challenges and drama as you, it’s about mutual respect. Tell me about a black woman who would complain if she had a maid, nanny, chef, personal trainer and could sit back and run her husbands charity. When it gets to that level, we’re not chosen, but we were good enough to love you when you were nothing to the world but something to us.

        • Juanita says:

          I agree with you 100%. When I saw this guy on CNN, I had to google and see what his girlfriend look like especially when he was on Jay Leno and make that comment about Kim K. calling him. I would love to see more African American men of their status be married to a real sister not light skin, biracial but a normal real sister. Why is it wrong to marry someone who has the same skin tone as your momma, sister or aunt? Why is being married or attractive to black women a crime these days?

          • R. Rock says:

            juanita, thats wishful thinking. Black women, well most, know that a black man has a style and swagger thats distinctively his. For me, a white man would have to damn near be a brother dipped in vanilla, socially and politically progressive along with being spiritual, kind, intelligent, etc. for me to even. be remotely attracted. So, why not have the real deal. The issue is, black men, not all, don’t see our beauty as distinct and irreplaceable. What they don’t realize is what they are attracted in a white girl we don’t have to pay for. Hell, these white girls now a days get injections in their lips, implants in their butts, of course tans and weekly botox. It’s just the idea of having a white girl. I don’t knock interracial relationships in the real world, just the overwhelming number of black athletes/coaches with white women, it’s pathetic.

        • J Pizzel says:

          Amen. I am an educated Black woman and I did not have a problem with interracial relationships until now. I realized what my problem was and it is what you stated. When the world was telling our Black men they were nothing, we told them they were everything, they could do anything, and become whatever they wanted to be. Now, it seems, I am no longer good enough for them. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say this is the case, I said this is what it seems. When I see articles titled ‘What’s wrong with the Black Woman’ because Black men are crossing over, I have a problem with that. I am the same loving, nurturing, and encouraging person I have always been. Maybe someone should be asking another question.

  8. ELove says:

    Ohhh Well Then… NOBODY KNOWS if it’s TRUE LOVE Especially the ONES that’s claiming that it is TRUE LOVE (Word) Get over Yourselves becuz IF YOU LUV YT Females then That’s YOUR DESIRE… Every Black MAN doesn’t have to FEEL THAT WAY and We DEFINITELY Don’t have to be SHUNNED Or ASHAMED For RESPECTING & LOVING Black Beauty !!!


  9. Q. says:

    She’s ugly. Can I turn on the TV without seeing a black man with a white women? Sad!!

  10. Tia says:

    I bet a black girl put those plats in his head.

  11. BigBlackRod says:

    Look. He’s with her. If she ain’t right, it’ll show. And if she is, it ain’t no skin off my nose…PEACE.

  12. T. says:

    I knew his girlfriend was white. A lot of black men have no standards. They will put their thing in anything. A lot of them are colorstruck too, have self-hate and low self-esteem. These men usually date light skin or non black women. Chris Rock did a joke and said black men will try to f)(k Rosie O’Donnell and she doesn’t even like men.

    • prejean says:

      I am a white guy. I like sisters, white girls, indian girls, latina girls, and even oriental girls. Yall’s problem is that you cannot face facts. You get so hung up on what a person looks like, you dont think about who they really are. The stereotype that all black men love fat white women isnt true, and all white men love asian girls isnt true. It isnt your choice as to who he chooses to love. Get over it. and his parents should be proud of him for choosing who he loves, not what society tells him to do!

  13. Jaz says:

    It’s really sad that so many black women love, still believe in black men and black love but a lot of black men don’t feel the same.

  14. David says:

    I’m sorry but both of them are ugly. If they get married, she will be with him for a while have a few kids to continue with that big child and spousal support and drop his a$$.

  15. Red says:

    It is funny that black women are on here complaining that black guys date a mulatto which are part black or some of them who date a white girl.How many of you black women walk up too a black guy and ask for his number????You complain that your single but you women do not walk up too the men and ask for their number but get mad because your
    single lol.You black women have too change the way you are you better walk up too these men and talk too them or be single the rest of your life.The stupidity which black women display is appalling.Black women saying black guys hate their race because he is dating a mulatto
    which is part black like OBAMA or a small number who date a white
    women which is a small number like 4% which is not much.

    If you black women are tired of being single then you have too change your ways and act like how black men want you too act.A man does not want too argue with his women all the time or feel the need too turn into Ike turner when she gets in his face.You better change your ways quick because the way you are now is unacceptable.

    • Theresa says:

      @Red. You’re generalizing because not all black women are like that or stupid and not all black men are the negative sterotypes people say about them. Where I am from black men won’t give a black women a second look unless she’s is light skin or biracial. A lot of black men are what my momma used to say, color struck. I have two brothers, nephew and my son who is 16 years old refuse to date black women. A lot of blacks still have the slave mentality thinking that the white men’s ice is always better. We are our own worst enemy.

    • J Pizzel says:

      A man does not want too argue with his women all the time or feel the need too turn into Ike turner when she gets in his face.You better change your ways quick because the way you are now is unacceptable.
      Just wondering?? Why do women who argue with their man always seen as a characteristic of a Black woman? Could this be a stereotype like Black men who date mulattos or whites are self hating?? I have to change but he doesn’t. Hmmm. Intersting.

  16. Beth says:

    I live in Washington State and I have to admit it straight sucks. Black men up here date the white girls because they are easier to deal with, so i’ve been told. It seems that if a black women shows any sign of stability, independence or sense, she’s a B****. To me it shows the insecurity in black men, especially in the NW.

  17. Juanita says:

    I have no problem with interracial couples. I just want to know why so many black men feel the need to date or marry outside of their race.

    Name one professional white athlete who is MARRIED to a african American woman? I could not name one white man who was a professional athlete football, basketball, track, soccer, golf, badminton, baseball, swimming or archery who is MARRIED to a black woman.

    Now think about this, we never see Robert DeNiro or Carlos Santana’s wives who are sisters. Never really even saw Roger Ebert’s wife, Chaz, and they have been together for almost 20 years. However, we constantly see Kobe’s wife, Tiger’s wife, Jordan’s white girlfriend but never saw Juanita pics or face too much in the news. The media won’t even show too many pics of Kid Rock’s son who is also by a black woman. Now just get serious that there are forces who don’t want sisters to be viewed desirable. If we don’t realize this, we are fooling ourselves.

  18. Kay2 says:

    Well, I tell my nieces all the time. They’d better broaden their ho rizons and look for love outside of their race, because black men don’t seem to like black women anymore. They seem to have bought into the stereotype of the big, loud, demanding and complaining black woman. My husband was hanging out with co worker and telling him that he gets no flack from me when he wants to hang out. This black man actually asked him if he was married to a white woman because he couldn’t believe a black woman would not give him grief. These stereotypes are perpetuated by the media. Every time you see a sister on TV, she’s the big and loud comedian, or the sassy, big mouth maid or hair dresser in a movie. People actually believe that all of us behave in this manner.

  19. Money says:

    Until we end colorism, slave mentality and self-hate in black community, black men dating outside of their race will continue because they don’t love or like the skin their in.

  20. No Name says:

    I heare some of your arguments for both sides and most of you made valid points. However, the reality is that like some one mentioned earlier, most black woman seems to think that emasculate their man make them seem as they’re tough. I’m not sure that black men want another man to have a relationship with so that would be one reason why they stay away.
    Another reason is that most black women are loud, always ready to be in their men’s face, etc. A brother gotta be tough to put up with that…I mean I’ve put up with it but not many brotha would.

    One other reason, white women are approachable. I date all race but one of my buddies only dates snow flakes. When I asked him why wont he give a black woman a chance, he point out to me when we would hang out at a bar or a night club that every single black woman would look at him like he’s nothing where on the other hand, the white women would at least hold a conversation even if they’re not going to go forward with anything.

    So you put money in this brotha’s bank account and give him options, then black women come second.

    I also agree with one of you in ref to the media having much to do with this issue.

  21. The Force says:

    NEWSFLASH: The vast majority of (male) black athletes, celebrities, power brokers etc. have black wives. The media only shows those with white wives because they want to perpetuate the myth that all powerful black men crave white women and that penis size or money are the only reasons (pretty) white women go to the dark side.

    The black men that end up with white chicks do so for three reasons: self-hate, curiosity and chemistry. The first two reasons are always talked about but everyone ignores chemistry. Rarely do white women and black men consider each other close, close friends. This is typically because those two groups roll in different circles. When they finally spend time with each other, all of the history…the mean looks from old white women as well as most white men and many black women only stoke the fascination. I’ve noticed this at work. There is a strong sexual tension between black men and white women. It has nothing to do with black women but rather being intrigued by something that always seemed just out of a brotha’s grasp. This spark often ignites bm/ww relationships…sometimes (if the people are compatible), it’s a great thing…other times it can be troublesome.

    Now onto RGIII…..

    If he was dating a white chick at Grambling, I might consider his choice self-hating. Baylor is a (mostly) white, Christian private school so his options are going to be somewhat limited. He was born in Japan because his parents were in the military (Texas roots). RGIII’s background is a bit different than most black college star athletes so I’m not surprised.

    Personally, I think she’s “average” with a nice shape. What does that mean? Well, if a girl like that and me had great chemistry, respect for each other and a mutual attraction..etc, I’d go for it. Athletes always screw up by trying to find the hottest female they can find. They inevitably get bored because the chick is dumber than a box of rocks and only wants to spend his dough. She looks like the type that bakes cookies, likes children, provides decent conversation and is not afraid to be “affectionate.” If this is true…he’d be a fool to look for greener grass.

    If his momma and daddy are OK with it…I’m OK with it.

  22. James says:

    Wow, I guess racism is still alive and well in both the black and white communities. This is such a ignorant issue. You should all be ashamed of your racist selves, blacks included, but I know you won’t be. I’m proud of RG3, not for marrying a white girl, but for marrying the girl he wants to marry. It’s nobody’s business who he marries or what he does with his life but his own. He owes nothing to either community. Maybe you old angry racist need to get a life so you don’t have the time needed to hate on RG3. Since he doesn’t owe any of you money, I guess HIS choice in who he marries is the only reason you can find to hate on him. Mighty sad and small of you.

    Do what you want to do RG3, you don’t owe any of these racists a thing. Great job and hats off this season to RG3, a fine young man and incredible football player. I hope you move to Utah and marry all the white women you want, or black if you chose. Or both, I don’t care either way.

  23. clint yates says:

    May God bless their marriage with an RG IV.

  24. val butts says:

    What people have to understand is that many black men feel that they need to qualify or be somebody with fame or fortune in order to date, marry, or be with someone who is white or even another race other than black. Many black men suffer from inferiority complexes that are so deep within them, that they don’t even know they have the complex or what it is. Can you blame them? Almost everyone of them never had a pot to piss in, or a bucket to pour it out of. When they get any amount of fortune or fame, they want to try things that they never could do, afford or had the confidence to try. Namely,dating and marrying out of their race. Look at me now! Look at what I can do! I can date White Women now! Wow! The problem I feel with black men who date or marry white women or women other than black, is that they marry women who are often on the lower end of the status ladder both socially and economically. They accept White women that no white athlete would give the time of day (especially after she has been with a black man) They end up getting married very soon, have babies, cheat on and disrespect the more passive white women, stay married a couple years, don’t invest their money wisely, go broke, get divorced and have to pay child and spousal support to the white wife who is fed up with the crap he has dished out over the years. He just repeats the process over and over again, like a Pavlov puppy. Many black women just won’t put up with the nonsense that black men dish out. These relationships don’t last, because many black men, not all, suffer from inferiority complexes when it comes to white people and their world. I feel that black athletes need to concentrate and perfect their financial skills and not their dating skills, so that they can command respect from people of all races. I think all other races would begin to respect and commend Black Athletes and Black Men when they began to see them as strong father and family figures and not baby makers and womanizers. Black women need to date men of other races and not wait on black men(especially athletes) to deal with their often innate inferiority complexes that they have not come to grips with. At least our African brother did quite well with Heidi Klum, who is wealthy, smart and beautiful. Can’t say the same for many Black American Athletes, who almost always marry or date women they can control financially and almost always end up divorced, broke or both. Sad commentary.

  25. James says:

    I will agree with your last two words as it is applicable to all the preceding nonsense, as it sure sounds like the saddest commentary I’ve ever read. Are you serious?? Black men suffer from something that they don’t even know that they have???? Do you actually listen to how ridiculous your logic is, much less how degrading it is. As if the poor little black man can’t possibly understand this “complex” that he has, but of course someone as intelligent as you can easily grasp and articulate it. I guess you must have a strong God complex of some sort; or it could be more likely that you have an ignorant way of viewing black men, but it is so deeply ingrained in your psyche that you don’t even realize you have this clan-like viewpoint. You’re just wandering the earth clueless to this diseased mind of yours. Wow, let hope there is a cure.
    It is amazing how far off into outer space modern-day “logic” is getting. I have a “crazy” theory. RG3 is simply a good kid marrying a lovely girl and will have a great life. And if his marriage ends in divorce, then he will join the rest of the millions of divorced Americans that continue on with their lives in the best way they can. Marrying based on race guarantees NOTHING. Divorce happens to everyone, but RG3 has as good a shot at success as anyone posting on this board does. The only sad commentaries I see on this board are attached to those racist who are posting them.

    • val butts says:

      James, I feel it is a complete cop-out to presume or conclude that everyone who has an opinion different than yours is a Racist. Frankly, I don’t think you understand what racism is. First off, I was speaking primarily of the black athlete who only dates white women or women other than black, and make very negative remarks about black women as to why they don’t date or marry them, but I didn’t want to go into that. I also didn’t say all black men had an inferiority complex. My black husband surely does not. I was specifically speaking about many of the black athletes I’ve heard explain away why they date only white or non-black women. The black athletes and men that I’ve heard (Haynesworth who make disparaging remarks about black women and why they don’t date or marry them, is what I was speaking specifically about. As far as what other black men say about white women and why they date them, I don’t know and don’t care. It should be important to them, and not any of us. Unless, of course, you are one of those black men or black athletes who only date non-black women and make disparaging remarks about them? Since you want to turn this into some type of theoretically analysis of what you think I was trying to convey or turn this conversation into something bigger than you could ever understand, open your brain and don’t get so emotional about something you can’t control. Someone’s opinion! For you to make a claim that my opinion is ignorant, just shows me how ignorant you are to not understand how someone can have a different opinion than yours, and not live in outer space and even be quite logical. Most black men are very forward-thinking and great family men despite the odds that are placed in front of them. Again, this is not a theory, it is an opinionated observation based upon the conversations that I have had or heard from black athletes and black men who don’t date black women. Logic is never ridiculous, unless you simply don’t understand it, or agree with it. All logic is based on one’s understanding and interpretation of the topic at hand. Don’t give up on your personal attacks and sordid conclusions when you don’t agree with someone. Frankly, I feel Griffin is with her because he likes to be with her, regardless of what race she is. Im sure he had a lot of girls to choose from. I do wish that he does marry her, and if he makes it into the NFL, he will make the right decisions about fame, fortune and his family. I think our world is better when races mix because it helps the different races understand and respect each others traditions, culture, people and differences. The “poor little black men” that I’m speaking of don’t understand their own inferiority complex. Do you have one, and not know? I know you have one complex. That is, that if my observation or opinion is the saddest commentary you’ve ever read, you are definitely not someone who is well-read or intelligent enough to communicate with someone as intelligent and articulate as I. Facetious Complex? Yes, maybe you should ponder that? Nothing personal, don’t get so defensive. Life is Good. P.S. Keep God out of it.

  26. James says:

    Wow, you’re really out there Val. One post you disparage black men for dating outside their race and the next you’re saying the world is a better place when the races mix. I can see where this nonsense is leading. In addition, since you obviously have no idea what a God complex is there will be no need to “keep God out of it.” Pitiful

  27. wakywaky says:

    Has any of you out there commenting ever thought that maybe Robert and Rebecca’s Christain-spirtual goals are on the same page? The young lady “is” attractive, she’s just not over exposing herself and not painting herself up like a hooker-n-heat! I happened to notice the length of her dresses and the somewhat conservative style of her overall attire and so is that of the girls she’s shown in photos with. So for you “Black male star going after the white trophy girl” hounds, maybe you should find out who he was dating before and why that relationship turned out so bad for him. The guy graduated HS at 17, got his BA in 3 years and is going to get his masters in 5. He’s reportedly been very active doing community service work, alone with being a multi-sport superstar. That tells me that he didn’t have much time to do a lot of date-social partying, so unless his former girlfriend is as devout a Christian as he seems to be, she was most likely not feeling his lifestyle and that feeling would most certainly apply to most black honeys. Get the whole back-story and then make your comment!

  28. T. J. says:

    Yeah. Let’s see what he has to say when this white chick leaves his ass and take half of his millions. LOL! A lot of black men are so stupid and have such low self-esteem, self-hate. They don’t like their black skin, wide noise and full lips. They been brainwash to hate themselves and their race. Most of the time you see very dark skin men with light skin or white girls. Self-hate!!! We should all care because it’s destroying what left of the black community. It’s really sad that so many black men don’t want to date and marry women who are same race as their mothers. Are their mothers ghetto, loud, emasculate their husbands etc? IMO. It’s self-hate. I care because black boys 3 or 5 years old see older black men white white or not black women and think this is the norm. I care because I have nieces who I want to be happy and love in love and be married. I care because it’s sad that 70% of black women are single and will not marry.

    This is the truth. Listen to Malcolm X.
    THE reason why some Black Men Won’t Date Or Marry Black Women

  29. The Truth says:

    The truth is this is something that starts from a young age. Its not a decision that is made at 22. Women like the bad boys, women of all walks of life. Most of the bad boys end up in jail, on drugs, or fucked up period that’s just how sh*t works. Most black guys in college are not bad boys yes I include the football players in this statement. Most of these guys have a head on their shoulder and largely ambitious. Those that make it pro could probably have been successful in any other thing if thats what they wanted, they simply have drive. Most of these guys are also dark skinned because football is an outdoor sport and the sun darkens the skin. Dark brothers like me were unwanted by black women growing up. We were laughed at and ridiculed for being so dark. The women went after the lighter brothers that was a fact of life. If you were dark, smart, or both you were just friend material. White women saw smart and some white women saw smart, funny, nice and gave dark skinned guys the time of day.

    In college this same thing continued to happen with many black girls at my top 20 institution chasing the black athletes and forgetting the rest of the educated brothers. The white women see an opening and take it. Senior year the girls come back after realizing only 5 people on the team are going pro and now they want you. Most black men simply don’t put up with that shit from anyone. Let’s be real here white middle class and upper class white women are told marriage is part of the lifetime happiness equation and they work towards that. You want a black man go after him from the beginning make a choice and live with it don’t blame the gu you didn’t want in the beginning. Don’t blame hime because of the choices you made. 30% of marriages are interracial today, get over it. Find love and stop focussing on skin color. The is more racism between people of the same race than between the races.

    Social economic status is the new race, no one is color blind but money will give you a different lens. Everyone’s redial experience is different, just because you are both black doesn’t mean you have had the same experience or the same view of the world.

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  32. romeo says:

    So he went to a Baylor(white university) and fell in love with a white woman (nice rack).

    Black people have nothing to be upset about. Their child will be looked at differently in school just like any black child at a predominately white school (I don’t see them living in a predominately black neighborhood). Why because the child will not look white.

    Please go listen to Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet” and chill out about races mixing especially with Black People. I can’t wait for RG IV.

    However except for Bowie, Deniro, Lucas, and whoever Diana Ross is married to now, who is going to show the Sisters some big money love?

  33. Resse says:

    I am an African American woman and I couldn’t care less who he decides to date or marry. If he decides to actually marry this woman, I only hope he is doing it for the right reasons… love and commitment. I only object to these types of issues when a black man chooses a white woman simply because she is white. He should marry who he loves, not who society has decided is his “type of woman.”

  34. Mike says:

    These white trash men and women on here leaving comments are the worst on the face of the planet! Need to put white people on an empty planet and NUKE THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!!!

    • prejean says:

      you sir are a racist. Go somewhere, because you are holding back our country from becoming better than it ever has been.

  35. MIKE says:


  36. MIKE says:


    • prejean says:

      I’ll tell you to your face. Your ridiculous. Society lables white people as racist, but the real racist are people like you coming on chat boards blowing it up with racist shit. You sir are a prime example why our society is being bogged down. I am white and it is people like you who are holding us back from becoming a better society, one which we can all live in peace. Imagine what we could do if we actually worked together to strive for a better america! Its a shame you think this way. I LOVE BLACK WOMEN, and there is nothing wrong with that. Neither of our parents like it but it is what it is! We are trying to progress our society, not digress. Keep your negitivity and racist comments to yourself!

  37. MIKE says:


  38. The only thing I am going to say is to wear your uniform everywhere you go because without it you are just another “colored boy” looking for a break. Oh yes be sure when you are mingling with your new found family that they always mention your are a player or a want to be player. I guarantee you if you didn’t have that pigskin in your hand, the NFL bank account, you would have not even been considered.

  39. Carl C says:

    Prejudice is wrong, says black man, but…but I don’t want no black girl!

  40. Keke1985 says:

    Wow! cannot believe some of the things that I am reading. I am a woman of color (black) and I believe that relationships should be based on love. So if he loves her , he loves her, but I do feel that some black men go after other women besides us because they feel that they can get away with stupid shit, that a woman such as myself will not put up with. Also, we black women keep ourselves in a box and wait around for some of these black men that would rather screw us in the dark and have their white woman on their arm. Its fucked up but its the way things are and its becoming a pattern. I don’t think that black women would be so outraged by black men marrying white women, but it just seems that once a black man get a little dough they go off and instantly put that white woman on their arm. The fact of the matter is if RG3 was working a regular 9-5 she wouldn’t be on his arm, but us black women we hold our men down regardless of how much money he’s making. Some white women are hustlers and they know how to get that paper, so RG3 better be on his P’s and Q’s because as soon as he mess up, she getting paid.

    • Cool V says:

      Bless your heart young keke1985. That must be your birth year, right? WOMEN, know how to get paid! I do believe, beyond the shadow of doubt that Black women know how to hold their man down, but not necessarily, the “hold down” that you are probably mean. Have you seen an episode of Basketball Wives or The Real Housewives of Atlanta? I know that’s supposed to be “realty TV”, but is so far from reality that it’s a joke, but there is some art imitating life in these shows. I know from real life experience that at least one sister sho-nuff knows how to hold her man down. Did it for 20 years, until I came to my senses. Was left broke, busted, and disgusted. Wasn’t until I met a woman that picked me up and helped me to believe in myself again. To realize that I was more than a “handyman” and a good thing to have around the house to fix stuff. She just happened to be white and instead of “holding her man down” she lifted her man up, which is all any real man wants. A woman that will lift him up, not hold him down regardless of how much money he’s making. Try that and you might be happy one day because it sounds to me like you’re a little bitter.

  41. joan says:

    I think it is just about every body trying to be better than every body else and show that they have arrived. The world accepts whites and treats them better than they do blacks. That is just a fact of life. Maybe the man wants to be more accepted- and he knows that he will be more accepted if there is a white individual who has his name.The extraordinary pain of it is that black women expected to be taken along by black men into whatever heights the black men would soar to. When Martin Luther King Jr fought for civil rights, black women benefited as much as the men.But now suddenly, they are locked out of the social dimension. Their men have suddenly been given the green card to ‘get’ white women and the black woman is not attractive enough to attract the white (or Asian)man. That means that she is looking at a lifetime of loneliness!No wonder black women can seem so ‘anxiety filled’ sometimes. It is the stress of having to smile and congratulate their men (who wants to be labelled as a jealous woman) all the while dying a bit inside everyday as she watches the men she was supposed to marry go across the fence to reach for white women… I tell you, if white women or Asian women were put in such a situation, there would be drama!Studies and all sorts of measures would be started to determine why their men were marrying across races in such large numbers. But now the white women are not concerned, because they know that their men do not find black women attractive at all unless it is some one like Halle Berry or an extraordinarily beautiful black woman.I do not know if black men realize the extent to which they hurt and wound the lives and consciences of black women when they do this kind of thing. If they did, i do not know if they would do it so readily. I think black women have a tough, tough time ahead of them. More and more black men are likely to marry white women in future. I think black women will resort to all kinds of horrible things (plastic surgery, skin lightening) to catch potential husbands from any race. But it is all for nothing because it is likely that even black men married to black women start to change when they realize that white women find them attractive.I am black and have a Canadian boyfriend. I would not go for a black man even if one were to approach me under any circumstances because i do not know if i could deal with their grief- or the possibility that i will be dumped the moment a white girl even sniffs in his direction! it is incredibly humiliating not to be wanted by those of your own race – and i wish black men sometimes were as kind to their women as white men are to their women.Being with a white guy does not mean there are no issues- but at least you are not fighting with inferiority complex ghosts everyday.I for one, intend to marry across races to avoid the nastiness i see black men put their own women through on a daily basis. And, (controversial as this may sound) i never cease to thank God everyday, that He created me light skinned. Otherwise, i simply would get no attention from men- Black, extremely black, Asian, or white!!! That is just the TRUTH! I have never shared with my white boyfriend the reality of life as a black woman- but somehow i think he knows…

  42. stephenmcdow says:

    Some of you are idiots….Idiot people like you will always focus on something as primitive as skin color. You are a RAVING idiot and I find you not only offensive, but classless trash that doesn’t deserve to be an American, just like the rest of your idiot low-level educated friends who liked your comment. He is going to Washington, a great area to be normal….…IDIOT….The fact that I had to use such low-level language is a testimony to my emotion, yes, and the fact that you most likely wouldn’t understand higher forms of communication.

    Look, yes, things are messed up in this country in some ways with situations like Treyvon Martin. However, we are moving forward and he might have just connected and fell in love, it sure seems that way. NO ONE, owns or has rights to a MAN, no matter what color he is, just because you share the same skin tone. Only low-level, educated idiots believe things like that.

  43. RTY says:

    What bothers me the most is RICH black men marrying white women. It’s amazing how several RICH black men will have 2, 3, 4 or more children with a black woman b/f marrying them (if even then) but will marry a white woman b/f having any kids. Just look at the movie “The Maids”…enough said!

    • Delonte Mckinley says:

      but Dwayne Wade, Lebron, Boobie Gibson, and plenty of other rich Black men are with Black women. Do research yourself and you will find out there are plenty of rich men that date Black women. Don’t let the media get you down. and being RICH shouldn’t be a a factor but I can see where you coming from.

  44. RTY says:

    Oops, I meant the movie “The Help”. How soon our brothers forget. Black women are nubian queens and princesses and (especially) when you are in a position to afford your wife staying home and raising your kids…you need to remember the plight of our people! It is disturbing how so many consider all other races of women more beautiful and desirable than women of African descent, especially darker-hued ones. Our African ancestors would be rolling over in their graves! Let’s lift each other up and place the true value on our mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. If we don’t do it, why should we expect others to?

    • Cool V says:

      What should bother you the most is you don’t even have the attention span enough to know the name of the movie that you’re somehow trying to campare this engagement to! When did RICH black men become the saviors of our African ancestrial final rest? It’s a pretty weak argument you make for Black men that are in a position to afford a wife staying home and raising kids, should remember the plight of his people. Are you suggesting a marry a Black woman for that? I don’t know where you live where you been led to believe that so many consider all other races of women more beautiful and desirable than women of African descent. What have you been reading and what have you been watching? True, we’re not as well represented in mainstream media as most, but it has nothing to do with beauty. The politics of our culture is so jacked up and it’s far deeper than skin-tone. I think you are way off base to suggest people choose a mate based on some blind allegiance to the plight of our people. Besides, I can guarantee you there was a time in young RG3’s life when he tried to hook-up with a sister, but he wasn’t light-skinned enough, his hair wasn’t the right grade, his clothes weren’t fly enough, he wasn’t thug enough, or any number of reasons why he just didn’t fit the mold to deserve the love of a “Sista.”

  45. prejean says:

    This is ludicrous. I am a white man. I love all races, I think that each is unique in its own way. With that being said, who gives a crap if RG3 likes white women? So what, there are greater tragedies in the world! Its a stereotype that black men love fat white women too, but nobody is upset about that. I love black women and have been with several over my years. My parents didn’t approve but I did not care. You have to look at the individual, not the color of their skin. I come on this board and see so many RACIST! People automatically lable me as a racist simply because I am a young white guy with a shaved head and tatoos. This is absurd! You people need to grow up and learn that people will love who they want too! Skin color DOES NOT matter! GOOD FOR RG3 going against the grain. His parents should be proud of him for being an individual. LOVE IS BLIND!

  46. HSD says:

    People need to stop getting so tied up in the celebrity world and the way they live there lives..Worry about yourself.RG3 wants to marry a white woman SOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT!!!!!!That’s his choice..HELLO PEOPLE WE LIVE IN AMERICA!!!!! This is 2012 not 1812,or 1912.Every race has beautiful women.Being a black man myself; I can’t stand it when my own race feels that your selling out if you don’t date or marry a black woman.That’s just plain stupid!!!! I date all races of women.That’s what makes ME HAPPY!!!! I aint living my life for no one but me.For those who are black and are offended by RG3 wanting to marry a white woman.You need to stop spending so much time hating.Love is color blind.

    Big props to prejean

  47. Cool V says:

    I must admit that when I read the story and saw the last name of the fiance, I had to google her to see what she looked like. My guess was 100% correct! Don’t know why I looked, let’s just call it curiousity.
    I’m on my second marriage. Was married to what many have named on this little forum “a real sister” for 20 years and it was 20 years of pure hell! I’m more than 99.9% sure it was nothing to do with her being a Black woman, but just a product of her upbringing. In the long run that’s all that matters. If disrespecting men and using people is a part of your upbringing, Black or White, that is what you will do and that is who you will be. I’m now married to a woman, who just happens to be White. Of course we share a few differences culturally, but I know assuredly that this woman loves me with everything in her as I love her with everything’s that in me. And to make it even more beautiful, this love is truly unconditional. It’s all because that’s how she was raised. To love unconditionally and to respect her man. She understands that you have to give it, to get it. If RG3 is gettting that, he’ll be fine. Has nothing to do with him seeking a brown-skinned woman to share his good fortune with or someone that looks like his momma or aunt. RG3 owes it to himself to live a life where he feels loved; unconditionally. If this young woman does that for him then I whole-heartedly congrat him and wish him well. In the end a real man wants to be loved and respected. Doesn’t matter what shade of the rainbow that comes from.

  48. RobertL says:

    I was told that black women hate to take a bath and perhaps that just might have somewthing to do with it.I’ve only been with a couple of black ho’s. After serviceing the woman all night i attempted to leave and she jumped up and said mother fucker you came here to fuck me now get your ass in this bed and fuck me

  49. Delonte Mckinley says:

    Some Black men are self hating. However, I don’t see that in RG3 at all. Dude is almost perfect lol. I don’t have a problem with anyone dating who they want. I only have a problem with Blacks that disrespect their own kind. RG3 would not do that.

  50. joan says:

    Black women have to do more just to date a person who respects them- THAT IS A FACT!They have to put up with accepting characters that the women of other races would not tolerate because if no one else is asking you out you cannot be choosy- ANOTHER FACT! Its the same thing like when black men end up marrying fat plain white women- other than beautiful black women. Its like they just have to be seen as ‘progressing’ in life.A white wife is many times a trophy. Maybe RG3 was sincerely in love. But chances are that even though he is IN LOVE, it also occurs to him that marrying ‘white’ cannot be classified as ‘marrying down’!WHAT IS THIS NEW STUPIDITY WITH BLACK MEN WHERE THEY NOW TURN ROUND AND CREATE A NEW CLASS OF LOW LIFES NOT TO BE TAMPERED WITH KNOWN AS “BLACK WOMEN”? I READ SOMEWHERE THAT LIL WAYNE SAID TO SOME BLACK LADIES THAT HE IS DONE HAVING BLACK CHILDREN- THAT THE NEXT BABIES HE GETS WILL BE WITH WHITE OR LATINO WOMEN!IDIOTS! THE CHILD WILL STILL BE SEEN AS BLACK BY WHITE AMERICA!!RG3 AND LIL WAYNE SHOULD BOOK APPOINTMENTS WITH CHRIST AND ARRANGE FOR A REVISING OF THEIR SKIN COLORS! THEN YOU WILL BE TRULLY AND AUTHENTICALLY WHITE FOR ALL ETERNITY!!

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