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Here is a scientific experiment that I know is going to go horribly wrong.

From all accounts Robert Griffin III is a good kid.  Smart kid that has an incredibly bright future ahead of him.  He has a fiancée and they appear to be very happy.

Read RG3 account of the proposal.

“Well, there’s lies involved in proposals, so I told her after the game that I had to go to the (indoor football practice) facility,” Griffin said. “I told her me and the team leaders had to do something in there.

“So I told her I could do mine (Saturday night), and they were going to do theirs (Sunday), which makes it a bold-face lie. But she believed it, so I told her to come in there.”

“I went in the bathroom and my dad gave me the ring, and I walked in the indoor (facility), and I had candles everywhere,” Griffin said. “I had one of my teammates playing the guitar, so I talked to her and serenaded her. I walked into the middle where her family was standing with candles and I popped the question.

“I couldn’t see her face to see her crying, because it was so dark. But when I kissed her I felt the wetness on her cheeks.”

“She said yes and she cried,” Griffin said. “So I did a pretty good job.”

Very nice on RG3’s part.

Let’s see if some “women” can be happy for him or not.


  1. Sorry: look in her eyes: she does not love him. That is not a “look of love”… more like a look of resignation.

  2. Yep there will be self-hating females that don’t get it. RG3 loves himself and simply choose the best fit for him. There are some brothers out there that’s down to earth, caring and dont feel the need to date women that will attempt to emasculate them at any given moment. Thumbs up, those women hating have NO mirrors in their house.

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