Sanaa Lathan Says She Isn’t Smashing Kobe Bryant..Implies He Doesn’t Like Black Women

The first time I ever heard of Sanaa Lathan was in Love and Basketball so you can say this is irony.

Details are a bit sketchy all we know is that Kobe and Sanaa were at a Watch the Throne concert.  Were together probably not, did Sanaa try to throw an alley oop to Kobe and he let it goes out of bounds?

That is yet to be determined, but there was definitely some sort of interaction between the two that caused the Internet to go nuts with rumors that she might have been the reason Vanessa is getting half.

Whatever happened Sanaa decided to go to Twitter to throw this shot at Bean.

Here first tweet was fine, her second tweet was filled with salt. Did we really need the Black Girls Rock hashtag? If Kobe doesn’t prefer the chocolate does that mean those girls don’t rock?

An unnecessary dig and one that makes her look bad and a tad bit thirsty not Kobe.

By the way all girls rock regardless of color.

40 thoughts on “Sanaa Lathan Says She Isn’t Smashing Kobe Bryant..Implies He Doesn’t Like Black Women

  • i live in cally and i happen to know that kobe is seeing a sistuh ahhhhh black love is sooooo beautiful a other races stop hatin dang.

  • yes and only black girls rock. i hope kobe ex- wife raise those two little girls like there black because they are.

    • they are mixed regardless of what you or society says.

  • Rob you are an idiot. When Sanaa says “Black Girls Rock” it suggest nothing about non-black women. It is just an affirmation like “Black Power” or “Winning”. Kobe Bryant does have a type, it is called “ill”. Just like Kim Kardashian has a type. But, I am sure you are ok with Kim’s type.

    Also, the girls that Kobe get with do not rock, because they were well aware that he was a married man. Just like the girl in Denver knew Kobe was a married man. She does not rock!

  • Its True & Known that Kobe requests that no black gurls allowed in any area he is clubbing at!

  • Who ever wrote this comment is an azz! Sanaa was stating a fact – that doesn’t make her bitter. And the fact that she was dating that white music executive means she’s not bothered. N’gs are worth the trouble.

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