Sarah Palin Loves Tim Tebow (Video)


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If there was ever a Jump The Shark moment in the Tim Tebow obsession this might be it.

It makes sense that politicians and scammers like Sarah Palin will use Tebow as a way to help their agenda.  Same way the media is using him to generate monster ratings.

The curious thing is I believe Tebow has no idea how badly he is being used and manipulated.  I do believe he is all about the team and even though he doesn’t run from the attention he isn’t clamoring for it.

My concern is that in our society will like to build people up just to tear them down and Tebow is being put on such a high pedestal that his eventual fall will be steep.

I truly hope it doesn’t happen, but history tells us that it is just a matter of time.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Loves Tim Tebow (Video)

  • I thought she was down with Glenn big Dog…..

  • Tebow easily fits in with the Christian Right’s beliefs and agenda, and it’s no surprise that conservatives at Fox News would praise him.

  • Moron’s do like each other!!!

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