Seahawks Fans Make it Rain-bow after Marshawn Lynch Touchdown (Video)

Seattle Seahawks fans are great. Even mired in the middle of a mediocre season and with T-Jack as their quarterback, they are still as rabid a fan base as any one in major sports. So when it was revealed that Marshawn Lynch would eat Skittles on the sideline after touchdowns. (Marshawn Lynch Eating Skittles on the Sidelines (Video)) you knew it was going to be something the 12th Man in Seattle would embrace.

Last night they did just that. After Lynch scored a touchdown to make it a 30-13 game with under 3 minutes to go. The Seahawks fans made it rain Skittles after Lynch’s “Beast Mode” touchdown run. It was his franchise record tying 9th straight game with a touchdown.

A very cool visual, thankfully Lynch wears a protective visor or else he would have gotten a few Skittles in the eye. It is also good that he wasn’t rewarded with Snickers Bars when he was a kid, that could have gotten messy.

Really makes you wonder what it would be like if the Kevin Durant and the rest of the now Oklahoma City Thunder had not been taken from that fan base.

Maybe somebody in the Pacific Northwest would be interested in buying a certain league owned team in New Orleans?

Nahhhhhh…. David Stern would just veto that.

(I didn’t mean that, please don’t delete this post Mr. Stern)