Skittles Offering Marshawn Lynch 2 Years Free Supply & Custom Dispenser in Locker


The Power of the NFL.

Marshawn Lynch is caught eating Skittles on the sidelines (for full disclosure this isn’t the first time Lynch has done this) and next thing you know it is the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter and Lynch has been offered an endorsement deal says CNBC Darren Rovell.

Skittles is offering Marshawn Lynch a 24-month free supply & a customized dispenser for his locker for last night’s exposure.

Skittles Top 5 Candy of all time?

Has to be in the discussion, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Skittles.


  1. I save all the purple skittles from the bag to eat as one big glob at the end. Man is that a fantastic piece of candy.

    They should also be rewarded for their great ad campaigns.

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