Snoop Dogg on Pau Gasol “He’s Soft as F*ck, He’s a F*ckin Weenie”

Lakers fan is in a bit of a panic.

No CP3, no Dwight, Lamar Kardashian gone, Derek Fisher starting PG and Kobe’s hurting (in multiple ways).

Snoop Dogg went to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

Snoop appears to be the #1 fan of whatever team is hot at the moment. I guarantee you he will be rocking a Clippers jersey by Jan 15th.

5 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg on Pau Gasol “He’s Soft as F*ck, He’s a F*ckin Weenie”

  • Snoop is right ! If we as Laker fans have to depend on Gasol to led the way for us, we are in for a long season. Kobe is hurt but you know he is still going to give you 100%. But we can’t count on Bynum to stay healthy even if it is a short season. they should trade one of them if not both to get Howard and a young (PG)that can defend and score at least 15 points a game.

  • I guess Pau won’t be buying any snoop Music CDs anytime soon…..

  • He may not be considered a “tough” NBA power forward, but he’s one of the most skilled big men in the game. And Gasol was a major reason why the Lakers were able to win their last two championships, but I guess the doggfather forgot about that.

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