Stacey Hott Wants Falcons Roddy White to Show Her the Money, Files Paternity Suit


I have no problem with women trying to collect child support.

It isn’t easy raising a child especially alone and if their father chooses not to be in the child’s life he still has a financial responsibility.

What I don’t like are women use a child as a pawn so they can live the glamorous life. Ms. Hott seems a lot more concerned with Roddy White’s salary than his fatherly duties.

According to court documents filed in Georgia, a woman named Stacey Hott claims Roddy is the biological father of her 4-month old baby boy … and she believes Roddy should provide child support … lots and lots of child support.

In fact, Hott claims. “[White] is a professional athlete capable of providing generous support for the minor child commensurate with his earnings.”

The “earnings” that Hott is referring to is a $50 million contract White signed in 2009.

She’s also demanding Roddy take out a life insurance policy for himself ASAP … for the “benefit of the minor child.”

A life insurance for the benefit of the child?


In the end if this is Roddy White’s kid he can only blame himself. As I have said many times.

“Condoms $8 at Walgreens >>>> 25% of your disposable income for next 18 years”



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