Steelers James Harrison Suspended One Game For Jacking Up Colt McCoy


How many games will the Browns be suspended for allowing McCoy to go back in the game after Harrison lit him up?

I am not surprised considering Harrison’s history plus his not so kind comments about Roger Goodell that he was suspended, he is lucky he only got one game.

While many of the hits players are getting flagged for this year have been BS, this was a legit dirty hit.

No excuse for that.


  1. Apologist,apologist,apologist. The NFL is changing to make the sport safer for players.They also are changing so weaker players can excel.Many records are being broken this year by players that can not be even hit.J.Harrison is not Darth Vader. If you want to make something unacceptable,mean,evil then put a black face on it. Please do not help them. 3 or 4 QBs are the faces of the NFL already. I ask you please do not hand them the rest.We have some great athletes to report on and I see you are attempting to do so . Thank you

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