Terrell Owens Close to Signing With the Allen Wranglers of Indoor Football League

At first I thought it said the Allen Gregory League, which is probably only funny to me.

Then I thought it was a joke.

But then I saw it coming from Larry Brown Sports who always has good scoops and it appears to be legit.

Terrell Owens is close to signing with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League, Drew Pearson said Thursday. Pearson is the general manager of the Wranglers and a former Dallas Cowboys star receiver.

The team announced that they had formally offered Owens a contract for the 2012 season. The compensation package would be $250,000 up to $500,000, and include an ownership stake for T.O.

Pearson told KESN-FM that they have been working on the offer for quite some time. Though Owens initially wasn’t interested in the offer, Pearson says they’re 70% done and the deal is “close to being finalized.”

If that money is correct T.O. has no choice but to take the deal. Play some games in the league, let people see in the NFL you can still play and come back strong in the 2012.

I didn’t even know the Indoor Football League had $500k to pay anyone, I figured the whole league was worth that amount.

T.O. needs to make sure the check clears before getting on the field.

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  • damn homie

  • Desean Jackson is like wait, what?

  • Damn. Indoor Football tho?

  • Do they wear flags?

  • He might play 1 season then try to get back in the NFL….T.O. love the spotlight

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