Tiki Barber Has a New Job at First Global Xpress Shipping Company


Tiki is trying to pay for his divorce and feed his college intern fiancee (see pics above), so he has to take any job that is presented to him even if it is from Dunder Mifflin Paper Company errrrrr First Global Xpress.

My bad.

Tiki Barber is switching careers. After his failed NFL comeback attempt, the former New York Giant is working with international shipping company First Global Xpress. Barber sent a vague e-mail to friends notifying them of his new gig, and a company spokeswoman confirmed he’ll “partner with us on some business development opportunities,” but didn’t elaborate.

Other sources told us Barber wanted to head a consultancy/placement service for ex-NFLers to become mentors to young athletes, but it’s unclear whether FGX has any ties to that business. Neither Barber nor FGX chief executive Justin Brown responded to e-mails.

As long as the check clears.

He would probably be the Dwight of The Office.


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