Two Women Take Photos Drinking Vodka at Derek Jeter’s House While He is Asleep

August 26, 2009: Megan Hauserman from the VH1 show 'Megan Wants a Millionaire' where seventeen wealthy single men competed for her love, soaking up the sun at a hotel with a mystery man in Los Angeles, California. Credit: Ref.: infusla-153/163

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I would say Jeter is slipping, but then I remember he has been smart enough not to get married, so no harm no foul.

Nothing says classy lady like drinking Vodka straight from the bottle.

One of the women has been ID as Megan Hauserman from the reality show Rock of Love you can check out the pics above (she has also been on a lot of the spin off reality shows).

Jeter appears to be KOed wonder what happened right before this picture was taken.

The only question left is did they leave with a gift basket or not.

9 thoughts on “Two Women Take Photos Drinking Vodka at Derek Jeter’s House While He is Asleep

  • I’m SORRY Dawg but Jeter is MOS DEF SLIPPING if He’s F-ing YT Trash SLUTS Though !!! ***LMAO***

    There is Absolutely NOTHING Remotely Sexually-Appealing about THOSE TRICKS (Word!!!)

  • P*ssy is P*ssy…in this case its a threesome and there is nothing guaranteeing they were the only tricks there. For all we know that’s his b-team fluffer line-up.

  • LMAO……

  • Those are some slump busters if I’ve ever seen them. Guess he’s wanting to go into spring training on a hot streak, apparently.

  • Nothing appealing about Megan Hauserman? Interesting. Must be gay.

    • Or have good eyesight and standards…

      • AGREED!!! Both those bitches look BUSTED!!!

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