USC QB Matt Barkley’s Girlfriend, Brittany Langdon (Pics)


Honestly when I saw the pics on Larry Brown Sports thought she would be a little better looking.

I have been on the USC campus, so I know the quality that Barkley has to choose from, so to stay true to his lady who plays soccer at Seattle Pacific University was a bit surprising.

But who are we fooling we know he is having 105 affairs.


  1. That is a classless thing to say about her girlfriend. At my last job I had to supervise work-study students from SPU here in Seattle. There were some of the most, honest, smart and dependable students I have met in my life.

  2. This makes you sound like an ignorant classless moron. Just because you wouldn’t be faithful doesn’t mean someone else can’t. You may have trouble being faithful(if you can even keep a woman) but that doesn’t mean you can make wild accusations about others. Way to go dick

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