Vanessa Bryant Caught Kobe Bryant in the Act of Cheating

Respectfully cheating.

When Shaq told Robin Roberts there is a respectful way to cheat, a lot of women were up and arms.  The fact of the matter is if Kobe wouldn’t have been so reckless in his cheating he might still have half his money in his pockets.

Kobe Bryant‘s wife Vanessa caught the NBA star “very recently” in the latest act of infidelity, and that is why she filed for divorce … sources directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.

We’re told Vanessa had caught Kobe with “multiple women” over the years … but his latest affair was the straw that broke the camel’s back … and she felt she needed to finally end the marriage.

A lot of people are wondering how this will effect Kobe in the court.  Kobe was able to play brilliantly while staring at going to jail for rape, I think he will be ok.

7 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant Caught Kobe Bryant in the Act of Cheating

  • Kobe’s lucky that he didn’t become the next Tiger.

  • Yeah whatever you caught him with multiple chicks through the years and now you want to divorce him?


    Not that it was just past the 10 year mark in the state of California or anything.

    This was the plan all along and yes Kobe was in it too. She was there to help restore his image and she gets her cut after she leaves that marriage ended a long time ago.

  • Kill that bitch!!

  • Lucky it wasn’t a Steve McNair situation. Step your game up Bean!

  • i just drafted this fool. He better be cool on the court.

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