Vanessa Bryant Has Kicked Kobe Bryant out of their Home..His Whereabouts are Unknown


Been a rough month Kobe Bryant.

The whole fiasco with the Chris Paul trade, the Lakers giving away Lamar Odom for a bag of skittles and now his wife of over 10 years kicking him to the curb.

Kobe Bryant has already moved out of his MASSIVE Newport Coast mansion … permanently — because TMZ has learned Vanessa gets the estate in the couple’s divorce.

As part of the divorce settlement, Kobe agreed to give up the property. TMZ broke the story, the couple had NO prenup … which means Vanessa is entitled to half of EVERY DOLLAR Kobe made since they were married ten years ago.

It appears even though Vanessa could take him for half his money they have worked out some sort of settlement.  Kobe’s net worth depending on who you believe is between $150-400 million, so whatever she gets it will be a lot.

On the bright side for Kobe………

Well he still is rich.

You can read the divorce documents here.


  1. LMAOOOOOOO… If YOU or ANYBODY Believe that she’s getting HALF then I’ll SAY THIS is My Fred Sanford Voice “YOU BIG DUMMY !!!”

    Kobe gave her THAT CRIB becuz That’s what He wanted to DO (REAL) His KIDS grew up in That Crib So UPROOTING THEM Makes No Kind of Sense and Although She’s NOT GETTING HALF… She STILL will have ZERO WORRIES regarding Money for the REST of HER LIFE !!!

    NOW How Many TRICKS Y’all KNOW Can SAY THAT Though ***LOL***

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