Writer Says Tim Tebow Most Vaulable Player in the NFL

In general if you dig deep enough you can find some data to support almost any argument.

They are just opinions, some have more credence than others, but in the end no one can tell you your opinion is wrong.  So when Greg Couch of Fox Sports says Tim Tebow should be considered a NFL MVP candidate I am not going to say he is wrong.

As my journalism professor use to tell me every day, the more facts you can back up your opinions with the more seriously they will be taken.

The facts are that the Broncos are 6-1 since Tebow has taken over and they are in 1st place in the AFC West.  Those numbers can’t be disputed and since Quarterback is considered one of the most if not the most important position on the field Tebow deserves a lot of credit.

But before you start handing out Bibles and MVP trophies to Tebow remember one thing.

Kyle Orton won his first six starts as a Denver Broncos quarterback, so what Tebow is doing isn’t anything that would be considered a modern miracle.

MVPs aren’t won in “spurts” they are won with consistency, when Couch says.

“Tebow’s more valuable to his team than any other player in the league. Aaron Rodgers is his closest competition.”

He is speaking in Skip Bayless type of hyperbole. Yes, Tebow is valuable, but the sample is still too small to even speak of him in terms of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks like Rodgers, Brees and Brady.

Tebow’s value comes with his leadership skills and ra rah personality. The question is can he be consistent. Remember this is a quarterback who after a loss to the Lions was called the worst quarterback in the NFL and that was by the local media in Denver.

You give credit for the here and now, but calm down have a Capri Sun before putting Tebow in the same breath as Aaron Rodgers.

One Skip Bayless is enough.

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