Alabama Fan Teabags Alleged Dead LSU Fan on Bourbon Street (Video)

Here is what we do know.

The LSU fan appears to be unconscious.

Multiple Alabama fans have fun at his expense.

One Alabama fan had a little too much fun and “teabags” him (Google it if you don’t know what I am talking about).  At this point the story gets creepy and I will let Deadspin take over.

We’ve heard the victim in this is dead, making the “This guy’s life is over” line uttered in the video creepy.

Someone named “CK” is taking credit for the act, which as far as we can tell was conducted without any consent from the LSU fan. If you have any information about this, please let us know, and we promise we’ll keep your tips anonymous.

Our society is such now that everything has become………..

“This is going to be all over Youtube”

It is like people are waiting for their 15 minutes of fame.  Stay classy Bama fan.

I really hope the LSU guy isn’t deceased but we will keep you updated.

26 thoughts on “Alabama Fan Teabags Alleged Dead LSU Fan on Bourbon Street (Video)

  • besides this being sick…did the person who posted this even watch the video? the guy clearly moves and almost wakes up half way thru. Why pose the ominous question…”is he dead?” when clearly he isn’t. Keep us updated, oh source of timely truth.

    • Hahaha my point exactly…he clearly isn’t dead.

  • The sickest part of the video is, is ol boy going back to eating his food after teabagging the guy. That’s just nasty, wash your stinking hands!!!!!

    • I thought the same thing!!!

  • “Look at that fag with my balls all over his face. ROFLMAO!!”

    • Brian if that’s your name you claim that to be your balls huh? I have a black friend that will love to smash ur white little ass!!! He’s locked up in OPP his name is Travis and when you get arrested he will be waiting for you in OPP ROTFLMAO!!! Remember this u hillbilly fag next year you come to baton rouge to play make sure u come and meet with us so we can show you how to party and after you get drunk we are gonna pound your ass!!!!

      • You did not just say you have a “black friend” and he is locked up. Its funny because you don’t even know you’re a racist bitch. lol. Fuck LSU.

        • Say there fruit fly!!! I’m definelty not a racist!! So I guess you love getting tea bagged too!!! Next year you take a ride to death valley and we will show you how to party too!!! I promise you won’t get t-bagged and you can meet a bunch of my black podnas..Lata fagbag!!! LSU #1 check the rankings right now and see

    • So I went ahead and changed my name even though y’all still do love BBC!!! So Brian you wasn’t lying dude you are one fucking moron!!!! BRIAN DOWNING hahaha your uncle Heath Taylor is on the Lafayette news right now talking about how big of a dumbass you are!!!! So my buddy Travis will be waiting for you in OPP!!! You ass is gonna get rolled alright!!! You’ll be screaming LSU #1 after this!!! Hahaha

  • @ Trey I was thinking the same thing, the other dude eat off the same plate too. That’s nasty as hell, he just had is balls all over the place, and then eat like nothing happened. I aint never eating over his house.

  • OMG, thats the f-ing gross. Homeboy had his face humped by another man, in public.

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