Alex Rodriguez Smashing WWE Diva Torrie Wilson (Photos)

In my mind it will always be.

Trish Stratus >>>>> Torrie Wilson

There was a time that Wilson was considering “THE” Diva of the WWE, but those days have passed, but it appears she has landed on her feet.

Fresh from vacationing with George Clooney, Stacy Keibler and Cindy Crawford in Mexico, Alex Rodriguez and his new girlfriend/wrestling diva Torrie Wilson continued soaking up the sun and showing off their lean, ripped physiques at his house in Miami this weekend.

No word if any gift baskets were spotted nearby (learn from Jeter, Alex).

3 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez Smashing WWE Diva Torrie Wilson (Photos)

  • “Landed on her feet”….more like landed on her back with her feet in the air

  • My opinion: I’d have drafted Candace Michelle over Torrie Wilson – Torrie just seemed like a Trish Stratus ripoff. Then again, the girls Alex pulls were lower on the scale than Jeter’s girls anyway.

  • Sometimes Alex can be his own worst enemy. He does not deserve to wear the Yankees uniform.

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