Angry Atlanta Falcons Fan With Hawks/Falcons Tattoo Goes on Epic Rant (Video)


I am trying to write, but I can’t stop laughing.

I have to warn you that this video breaks the record of most curse words in a 7 minute video of all time.

I am sorry I am still laughing.  Crying laughing at that, his boy in the back co-signing is so funny.

Poor Falcons fan.

You know what this sounds like the epic Wu-Tang skit on “Up from the 36 Chambers”, if you don’t know what I am talking about Google “Wu-Tang feeding you and feeding you and feeding you”.

Do not watch this if you are at work unless you have headphones on.


  1. He is right and venting like we all are. It’s embarrassing. People are laughing at us. He has some really funny moments but nothing but the truth. (ATL Falcons season ticket holder)

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