Angry Atlanta Falcons Fan With Hawks/Falcons Tattoo Goes on Epic Rant (Video)


I am trying to write, but I can’t stop laughing.

I have to warn you that this video breaks the record of most curse words in a 7 minute video of all time.

I am sorry I am still laughing.  Crying laughing at that, his boy in the back co-signing is so funny.

Poor Falcons fan.

You know what this sounds like the epic Wu-Tang skit on “Up from the 36 Chambers”, if you don’t know what I am talking about Google “Wu-Tang feeding you and feeding you and feeding you”.

Do not watch this if you are at work unless you have headphones on.


  1. I love this video and would like to thank the young man & his friend for doing this. It was quite sad & hurtful to watch Sunday’s EMBARRASSMENT! How horrible..2 points! 2 freakin’ points! Thank you sir & I pray that the team and Arthur Blank and Smith have seen this video, to see how REAL fans are feeling right now. Before it was excuse after excuse…Ooo Ryan is a rookie, at least we made it, blah blah blah, but now…

    Thank you for this video!

    • Also…Home Depot does suck! I know being a native of Atlanta that’s all we knew, but as an adult and a homeowner, customer service sucks!!! Team Lowes!!

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