Baron Davis Says Knicks Will Be Unstoppable Once He Steps on the Floor

At this point the Knicks need any help they can get.

But, if you are counting on Baron Davis as your savior that should tell you how dire the situation is.  Davis though is optimistic that once he gets in the fold things will be changing for the better.

Baron Davis said he believes he can eventually make the Knicks an “unstoppable’’ offensive team.

Practicing for the first time with the Knicks yesterday after rehabbing herniated disks, Davis was by all accounts rusty during an hourlong 5-on-5 scrimmage. But the former All-Star point guard was bold in assessing what his impact will eventually mean to Mike D’Antoni’s slumping offense.

“Once we hit our stride offensively and once our offense catches up with our defense, we’ll be unstoppable,’’ Davis said. “I’m confident this season we’ll turn it around and we’ll hit our stride.’’

We will see.

Davis isn’t known for his defense or being in the best of shape, plus he is coming off an injury.  At this point Knicks fan would just be happy if their team can get to .500 and maybe Davis can help with that.