Basketball Wives Beef..Evelyn Lozada vs. Jennifer Williams..Fighting Over Nene Leaks?

To tell you the truth I don’t care, but……..

Some of my readers do and the fellas like the pics so here you go.

She says that Evelyn is upset because she’s friends with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes.

“Let me tell you what she’s mad over ‘cause this always comes up. She hates the fact that I’m really good friends with Nene [Leakes] and she hates the fact that me and Mashonda are good friends. I feel like it’s all coming from a place of hurt, and she’s turning it into anger. Why do you care who I’m friends with? Like, that’s ridiculous,” Jen explains. “I live in New York. You live in Miami. I don’t care who you hang out with. I’m kinda over it because I just feel like I’m at a point at my life where I’m trying to get rid of negative energy. To me, I feel like it’s something so minuscule. It’s not like I slept with Chad. It’s not something irreparable. It’s something stupid that you’re mad over. If you really are mad because I have other friends, I think that’s completely ridiculous.”

Evelyn replied with this.

Ocho told Evelyn to stop tweeting and that was the end of that.

Just remember they both have gotten naked before (Nude Pics of Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams Hit the Net) and (Evelyn Lozada naked pics hit the net).

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  • the best thing all these chicks can do is STFU and take their clothes we can see the goodies

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