BCS Championship Game Has Lowest Ratings Ever, Playoff System On The Way?

For the past few years, college football fans have voiced their displeasure of the current  BSC system and have called for a playoff system to determined a champion instead of computers and polls.

Myself and other sports writers and commentators have said that if fans want to get rid of the BCS system then don’t watch the BCS championship game or other bowl games. Looks like fans have finally caught on to that message.

The rematch between No.1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama drew a 13.8 overnight rating on ESPN, the lowest rating for a BCS championship game since Miami-Nebraska pulled a 14.3 at the 2002 Rose Bowl.

In all, BCS games saw a 10 percent drop in ratings from a year ago.

So will there be a playoff system soon? According to sources, it could happen.

An anonymous BCS official told The Sporting News on Monday that a new playoff will get done this offseason, and could be in place as soon as next year. The key, according to the official, is getting a system in place that preserves the importance of the regular season while still giving multiple teams a shot to advance to the title game.

There are two years left on the current ESPN contract with the BCS, which is worth about $125 million a year. That number could double if a playoff system is created.

This news comes at the perfect time. Although LSU and Alabama were clearly the top two teams in the nation before the championship game, it doesn’t seem fair that a school that didn’t win its conference nor its conference division get a shot at the title ahead of schools that did win its conference.

So expect to see your favorite college football team get a fair shot at a championship soon.

One thought on “BCS Championship Game Has Lowest Ratings Ever, Playoff System On The Way?

  • The game was a ratings dud because Round 1 was one of the most boring D-1 games you will ever see without the words “Sun Belt” attached and there was no reason to believe Round 2 would be any better. And it wasn’t: What ‘Bama brought in terms of improvement, LSU more than made up for in deer-in-headlights suck.

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