Ben Roethlisberger Pays Off 2008 Rape Accuser Andrea McNulty to Settle Lawsuit

Bathroom Ben finally cleans up the first rape accusation that started him down that slippery slope where four women at one point or another accused him of sexual assault.

He has never been charged or arrested, so I will never call him a rapist.

It was definitely a pattern, that at worse made him a sexual predator and at best a poor decision maker.  Here are the details of the settlement.

First reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal, neither side is talking about the settlement.  Per the Associated Press, the plaintiff’s lawyer, Cal Dunlap said “the matter has been resolved.”

That’s common practice for the resolution of civil lawsuits.  The formal document settling the claims routinely contains a confidentiality agreement, pursuant to which the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s lawyer agree that they will restrict any public or private comments to a simple statement that “the matter has been resolved.”

And so speculation will occur regarding the amount, if any, that Roethlisberger paid to make the case go away.  In many cases, the defendant will agree to pay to the plaintiff the estimated amount of the cost of defending the case through trial.  The formal settlement papers then will include a recognition that the payment does not reflect an admission of guilt or liability of any kind.

3 thoughts on “Ben Roethlisberger Pays Off 2008 Rape Accuser Andrea McNulty to Settle Lawsuit

  • That doesn’t surprise me. At all. They can leave the last line out. Four accusations? And you’re paying to keep it out of trial? Sorry, dude. That spells G-U-I-L-T-Y to me. There are HUNDREDS of NFL players who go through the league every year and manage to not get accused of sexual assault. I know a lot of people have referenced the Kobe thing… but seriously, if Kobe had FOUR, I’d be saying the same thing about him. There are some money hungry women who will do anything — including lie and make false accusations — to get it, no doubt. But four times over is more than just a case of bad luck running into the wrong chick! I hope he’s at least been sober through enough of this ordeal to have learned something!

  • Roethlisberger is guilty- an innocent man of any profession or background would fight for his reputation but that liar Roethlisberger has to purchase silence of some of his victims. Sex crimninals frequently hide behind marriage certificates but never reform. Its a matter of time before more and morte comes out about what Roethlisber is God knows.

  • two you all Ben was never charged with any crime . A civil suit can be by anyone for any thing i am sorry but this dumbass just put him self in the wrong place with the wrong girls. there is so many hungry grub women out there that they will do any thing or say any thing for money. if the law didnt find him guilty a civil suit it easyer to pay them off to make it go a way. so unless you was there under ben or on top off him at the time you have no wright to accuse him of guilt. because i can say you raped me and with you not being charges i can take you to court in a civil law suit and win because you not going to want to go through it and have your name run through the mud. he just was in a dumb ass place had just signed 100 million contrat easy target from money hungry sluts.

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