Brian Downing The Bama Fan Who Teabagged a LSU Fan Will Turn Himself Over to Police

Brian Downing Alabama Teabagger

Earlier in the day Deadspin had identified “Brian” as the person who teabagged a virtually unconscious LSU Fan after the BCS Championship game (The Alabama Fan Who Teabagged an Unconscious LSU Fan His Been Identified).

What I didn’t report is that I was aware that the police were looking for him and I figured once the Deadspin report came out it was just a matter of time before Brian would be talking to authorities.

The Russell County, Ala., sheriff says Brian Downing—the man we identified this morning as the Alabama teabagger—visited the sheriff’s office this afternoon with his attorney and spoke by phone with the New Orleans police detective investigating the teabagging incident.

That’s via the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, which states Downing and his lawyer are en route to New Orleans to face possible sexual battery charges. Those charges don’t exist yet, though the NOPD says they might come at any time.

Downing who is married with a small child and works at a sporting good store, had been bragging for days that he was the person that committed the teabagging act.

He seemed to get a kick out of all the attention (considering he worked at a sporting goods store I can sort of understand), but it was his bravado that will probably land him in jail.

Oh he has been fired from the sporting good store as well.

Roll Tide!!!


– An Alabama man was arrested late Wednesday in connection with a video appearing to show someone in a University of Alabama jacket abusing an unconscious Louisiana State University fan after Alabama beat LSU for the BCS football championship.

Brian Downing, 32, of Smiths Station, Ala., was booked on charges of sexual battery and obscenity. He was videotaped Jan. 9 “placing his genitals on an LSU fan’s face. The LSU fan appears to be heavily inebriated and practically unconscious,” a police statement said.

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  • “you in a whole heap of trouble boy”

  • BAMA fans are classy as always

  • Pure backwoods redneck cousing-phucking Alabama hick trash. How old is this douche? He looks way too old to be partying with college kids.

    He’s either in his early 40s or life hasn’t been kind to him. Maybe it’s the premature hair thinning that makes him look so damn old?

    Either way, he should know better being a father and husband. Poor kid to have a father like him. I hope for the child’s sake, he can find employment again.

  • I hope for his kids sake they chemically castrate his dad, disappear him in some swamp and his mom marries an actual human.

    You see a bunch of guys standing in a circle watching another guy’s balls like it’s some cool epic new sexual assualt game and you realize, it’s so much better to be a woman, because we’re not goddamn barely sentient monkey fucktards.

    Why in pluperfect hell do you think Turkey and other countries are like hey, it is so much nicer to play to an all-woman and children stadium. Dis fucking gusting. And you people let it fly.

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