BSO Interview Amber Rose (@darealamberrose)…DJ P Wins Master of the Mix Season 2


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<> Smirnoff Master of the Mix Finale Viewing Party at Le Fais Do-Do on January 14, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

I was in Atlanta last weekend for the season finale of BET DJ’s contest Master of the Mix.

Because the BSO empire is just that strong, the DJ we were backing, DJ P came away with the $250k grand prize.  DJ P is from Springfield, MO which is only about an hour and half away from Saint Louis.

It was a great to see someone from a small Midwest town show the skills that he did.

All the DJs and judges were great.  Our hosts for the weekend couldn’t have been more delightful and I was able to speak to legends like Kid Capri and Just Blaze.

Of course the hot topic judge was Amber Rose and I had a little time to sit and chat with her.  Check it out.

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