Carmelo Anthony Wants to Have a Heart to Heart To Talk With Amar’e Stoudemire

You never want to say all hope is lost, but the Knicks have some serious issues that aren’t going to be fixed overnight.

I honestly think that the Knicks thought they were going to get Lebron James and when they didn’t they panicked and grabbed two stars just to say they have two stars.

They didn’t think about how Melo and Amar’e would work together or how gutting their roster would effect them long term.

Once Chris Paul committed to the Clippers for a couple of years it made a bad situation worse.  Melo has been chucking up shots and Amar’e seems to be pouting, so hopefully this heart to heart helps.

Carmelo Anthony said it is time for him and Amar’e Stoudemire to have a heart-to-heart.

The superstar tandem have been a staggering wreck. If not fixed soon, the Knicks’ season — and coach Mike D’Antoni’s job — will be on the line.

“We as a team need to do a better job getting Amar’e the ball,’’ Anthony admitted. “I have the ball in my hands. Maybe it’s on me. Maybe I have to give him the ball a little more, help him out with that. We’ll talk probably [today] and try to figure it out together. If I’m doing too much, I want him to tell me. I want the guys on the team to tell me if I’m doing too much.’’

According to a source familiar with the situation, Anthony has been too obsessed with his points and Stoudemire is too concerned with Anthony taking over the team. There’s also too much finger-pointing, according to the source.

Stoudemire’s digs at Anthony are subtle. Thursday, he said the club needs to move the ball and buy into D’Antoni’s selfless system. After the Denver loss, Stoudemire went out of his way to salute the key piece in the deal, ex-Knick Danilo Gallinari, who posted a career-high 37 points.

Stoudemire said Gallinari’s performance did not surprise him because he was “insane’’ as a Knick and lavished praise on Denver. “They’re playing great team basketball,’’ Stoudemire said. “It’s hard to guard those guys when they move the ball like they do.’’

Injuries and selfishness are ruining Anthony’s first full season as a Knick. Over his last seven games, he is shooting 56 of 158 (35 percent), and is at 40.4 percent on the season.

Good luck Knicks Fan.

4 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony Wants to Have a Heart to Heart To Talk With Amar’e Stoudemire

  • No, they didn’t just panic and get two stars just to say they have two stars.

    They traded everyone away for Melo and never addressed the back court. The hard work by Donnie Walsh is seemingly undone. I don’t get how you can cut Billups and later sign Baron and his bad back. Why tie up the remaining cap space for Chandler when they could sign a “rebounding and defensive specialist” for much cheaper?

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  • No mention of defense by either one of these dudes and they wonder why they’re losing.

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