Carmelo Anthony Won’t Use Crutches on Sprained Ankle for “Swag Reasons”

We wouldn’t want Carmelo’s health to interfere with his Swag, now would we?

Melo, who is dealing with a few injuries, wanted to let everyone know why he wasn’t using crutches even when instructed so by the doctors.

Carmelo Anthony talked about his injuries after practice on Friday and all seems to be going well. He’s out of the boot that was protecting his injured ankle, but still has a brace on his wrist. It’s not often video of a player talking about his injuries is must-watch, but this one is.

The key quote is as follows: “Yeah I had a boot on last night. They wanted me on crutches, but it was messin’ my swag up.”

My reaction?

And you wonder why The Knicks will continue to underachieve.

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