Chandler Parsons Dunks on JaVale McGee, Takes His Cornbread (Video)

The Washington Wizards are Bad.

How Bad?

The runner up of last years dunk contest (who some people say should have won had it not been for the Blake Griffin Hype Machine) gets dunked on by Chandler Parsons, a 6’9″ rookie from The University of Tebow.

It gets worse when, as the announcer calls him, Chandler Bang (a play off Chandler Bing from Friends) decides to hang from the rim to avoid an awkward fall which leads to a spinning teabag. Here is hoping Parson’s endorses NuBag

Not only does McGee get dunked on and teabagged by a guy who gets his nickname from a character on Friends, but it happens on the day we commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. roughly two miles from where he made his famous “I Have A Dream” Speech.

The Rockets won the game 114 – 106, dropping the Wizards to 1-12 on the season.

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