Chicago Tribune Steve Rosenbloom Calls Dwight Howard an Idiot and a Loser

Strong words from Rosenbloom and I think he could have made his point without using such negative terms.

But before I give more of my opinion, here are the exact quotes.

I have an issue with Dwight Howard.

He sounds like an idiot. He sounds like a loser.

But do you want the Howard who’s apparently too stupid to want to come to the Bulls?

That’s the Howard we’re seeing now. The idiot Howard.

If Howard doesn’t want to come to Chicago, do you really want him? Do you want someone that stupid?

Point is, Howard says he wants to play in a bigger market, not on a better team. Like he’s too stupid to know the difference.

I have pointed out many times that Howard should consider the Bulls, but there is no need to call him an idiot, that is out of line.

Currently Howard is still under contract with the Magic, he can give preferences, but he can’t trade himself. If Howard becomes a free agent he can go wherever the hell he wants.

That is the definition of FREE.

If he wants to play for the Brooklyn Nets or the Justice League of America that is his right.

Doesn’t matter what Rosenbloom or anyone else thinks.

You can question his choice, but don’t question his intelligence that is below the belt journalism and Rosenbloom should know better.

If Rosenbloom is as smart as he think he is, he would have been able to write a better column, so in the end he is the one who looks like the idiot and loser, not Dwight Howard.

One thought on “Chicago Tribune Steve Rosenbloom Calls Dwight Howard an Idiot and a Loser

  • Rosenbloom is a hack! He’s one of the reason’s I’m sure many athletes choose to NOT come to Chicago. Many of these Sportswriters will love you while you are up, but are quick to jump ship when you’re suddenly NOT their favorite. Personally, I think Rosenbloom still has issues with a guy like Howard having the freedom to actually say “No” to Chicago. Look in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of Rosendoof under “Hater”.

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