Chris Paul Salty Pau Gasol Touched His Head..Calls Gasol Soft (Video)


The Lakers beat the Clippers last night and the game was a bit chippy, especially towards the end.

Chris Paul overreacted, it is as simple as that.

His quotes though are pretty funny, even if they are ridiculous in nature.  Here is what he had to say.

He really pulled out the “I am not one of his kids” card?  Who does Chris Paul think he is Vinny Barbarino?  If he was that mad he should have done something on the court which he didn’t, he just got beer muscles in the locker room.

The Clippers are trying way to hard to make the Lakers vs. Clippers thing a heated rivalry when it simply isn’t.  When some playoff series then you can call people soft.  Make a long term commitment to the franchise then you can talk tough.

You are still the Clippers.


  1. I live in LA, born and raised. No one rates the Clippers, just like no one rates the Angels. They could get five championships they still will have less than a third of the Lakers banners. The only thing in staples center that doesn’t have purple and gold is Gretzky’s 99. The Clips will always be the second team. Even if they win, they lose. Sad to say.

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