Clemson TE Dwayne Allen Says NFL is Tempting, But That He Has More Money in School (Video)

In his post game remarks after getting shelled by West Virginia in the Orange Bowl, Clemson Tight End Dwayne Allen was asked about the possibility of going to the NFL.

I have more money and more resources than I have had my entire life.

(comments are at 1:35)

People are going to leap to conclusions about corruption in college athletics and spark a debate about paying athletes, but this was probably a case of a kid who had probably played his final game (and lost it in record fashion) and misspoke. Had the reporter asked if the tapioca available in NFL locker rooms was tempting, he would have said “I have all the tapioca I could ask for at Clemson”.

Basically, he was the guy saying “you too” when the popcorn guy says “Enjoy your movie”.

Or he is being paid by boosters to produce. There is that too.