Started by Titans Fans Campaigning for Peyton

If Peyton Manning is relatively healthy, there are a TON of teams who would be interested in his services.

The main word though….


Titans fan is making it known they want Peyton to come home.

There’s a website,, devoted to the cause that’s asking for donations to erect billboards and run radio ads in Indianapolis encouraging Manning to come back to the Volunteer State if he’s done with the Colts. The site also features some song parodies, including a reworking of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” that works a lot better than it probably should.

Some of the impetus for the campaign seems to be a column by Tennessee writer and radio host Clay Travis making the case for why the Titans need Manning. Travis argues that the Titans offense is good enough to go to the Super Bowl with an elite quarterback and that Manning’s presence wouldn’t retard Jake Locker’s development any more than Matt Hasselbeck’s. Hasselbeck signed a three-year, $20 million contract before last season. With a healthy amount of cap space, the Titans could pull off dropping Hasselbeck and adding Manning if they so desired.

We already know that PEYTON’S GONE!!!

But it is quite possible that PEYTON’S DONE!!!!


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  • YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM!! Were not gonna let him go! Sorry :).

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