Deion Sanders Says He and Pilar are Cool and Pray for Her


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Prime wanted to set the record straight on a few things namely his daughter going on a Twitter rant against her step mom (Deion Sanders’ Daughter Deiondra Goes on Twitter Rant, Calls Pilar a Gold Digging Ho) and what is really going on between he and Pilar.

Here is what Deion had to say.

“I apologize for my daughter” … Deion said, adding, “She loves her father and she feels like I was being abused and misused and she lashed out.”

But Deion went on to explain, “The thing about it … Pilar and I are cool, we’re cool. I mean we are cool, when I say cool, we’re cool.”

Sanders also commented on the TMZ report that Pilar is still living in his insanely huge Dallas mansion … saying, “We’re living under the same roof, that’s true … I see her every morning. I say what’s up, what’s up girl?! It really is like that.”

Before signing off, Deion added, “Pray pray pray pray for Pilar … pray for my babies … and we good.”

So there you have it everything is cool and pray for everyone.

Sounds simple enough, who knows maybe Tim Tebow can come in and save the marriage.

2 thoughts on “Deion Sanders Says He and Pilar are Cool and Pray for Her

  • Well I guess they’re “cool”…..

  • This man is controlling. He supposed to be Christian, loving husband, devoted father, talented athlete. He has his ideal wowan in mind and she must perform to script.

    I believe he’s doing this to humble her and get her back into script. If she does and beggs, he’ll withdraw the divorce. If he can’t get control back, he’s out.

    What a pity. That’s why things are the way they are. How can you divorce your wife because you didn’t want a model/star but a housewife. That’s Your Thinking??!! Deion is so far up his own tail that it’s a pitty. You invest that much energy, time and love with a person and then you throw in the towel. That’s some Shiggady.

    At the end of the day, I hope they work things out, remain togther and both be happy with eachother.

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