Deion Sanders Says Report on His TRUTH School, Like His Family Issues, So We Will


I think sometimes athletes’ anger is misplaced on media when their family business becomes public knowledge. I find it ironic at times because some of those former athletes are in media themselves, so they know if something public spills into the mainstream they have to talk about it.

If Tim Tebow is caught having a threesome you don’t think that might get discussed on the NFL Network.

I can understand being annoyed at outright lies being told, but when you have lawyers giving quotes, radio interviews being made and Ether like Twitter rants being made whose fault is it really?

Don’t kill the messenger, things only get messy when tea is spilled.

I know from a personal standpoint I report these stories the same way I cover games or evaluate a player.  No bias, just making informed opinions based on the available evidence and then I let you the reader decide how you feel about it.

In fairness you should always report both the positive and negative. Deion is doing a good thing with his TRUTH SCHOOL, people should be aware of what is going on.

He didn’t need to add the extra at the end, I would have reported it anyway, but here you go.


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