Deion Sanders Wants Judge To Kick Pilar Sanders Out of Their House

One of the strangest thing about the Deion and Pilar divorce, is that throughout all the drama they have been living in the same house.  It is a very big house and they both are out working so they probably don’t see each other often, but still seems odd.

I have heard that when you are going through a divorce you shouldn’t leave the home voluntarily and it appears Deion is trying to kick Pilar out since she isn’t leaving.

Deion Sanders has had enough of his awkward living situation — sharing a home with the woman he’s divorcing — and now he’s asking a judge to force his estranged wife Pilar to move out.

According to docs filed in Texas last week, Deion believes the home is his separate property and that Pilar “should be ordered to vacate the residence.”

Deion also wants the court to sanction Pilar for violating the rules of conduct for people getting divorced in Collin County … which state both parties cannot:

— Disturb the peace of the children
— Make disparaging remarks about the other or their family
— Talk about the divorce in front of the kids

Lastly, Deion wants the whole thing to go through mediation, as dictated by the prenup.

Prime is trying not to get Kobed.

He doesn’t want to hand over the house, we will see what the judge decides.