DeSean Jackson and Eagles Have Two Different Opinions on What He is Worth

Shocking right?

Here is the problem for DeSean and the Eagles……………….

That is Jets receiver Santonio Holmes drinking from the bottle after the Jets gave him $24 million in guaranteed dollars.

Santonio who at his best is a very good wide receiver, got his cash and proceeded to have a subpar season, that ended with him making love to the bench after getting into it with Mark Sanchez.

DeSean Jackson at his best, is better than Santonio, is thinking to himself, I am worth at least what he got, but the Eagles are thinking about the possible fallout of giving DeSean that type of money.

Which leads us to this.

Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News writes that league sources have informed him that DeSean Jackson‘s “opinion of his worth continues to be night-and-day different from the Eagles.”

Eagles’ owner Jeffery Lurie mentioned that they would be interested in keeping Jackson ”if the right terms develop” but Jackson’s asking price appears to be out of the Eagles price range at this point. DeSean has said that he’s open to being franchised but that move carries a $9.5 million price tag and Eagles could certainly use that money elsewhere.

The reason DeSean wouldn’t mind the franchise tag, is because he is broke and almost $10 million sounds better than than the $700k he made last year.

He will get paid, the question will it be by the Eagles or another team willing to take the risk.