DeSean Jackson Apologizes For Contract Distraction, Wants to Stay With Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles were probably one of, if not, the most disappointing team of the 2011 NFL season. With all the big name free agent signings that was added to an already talented Eagles team, Philly fans were planning a Super Bowl parade before the first preseason game.

But things didn’t turn out too good for the Eagles. They finished with an 8-8 record and failed to make the playoffs. Now a few players are apologizing for their role in the team’s downfall.

First Michael Vick (Michael Vick Apologizes to Eagles Fans), now wide receiver DeSean Jackson – the most disappointing player on the team – is apologizing for letting his contract situation become a distraction this season. He also said he’d be OK if the team used its franchise tag on him if the sides can’t agree to a long-term contract this offseason.

Here is what he had to say:

“I can admit to certain things affecting me during the season. I just want to apologize,” he told reporters. “I probably could have handled it a little bit different, but now sitting here after the season’s over I can just say I was able to put it behind me and really just fight for my teammates, fight for my organization.”

When asked if he’d accept playing under a franchise tag, he answered, “why wouldn’t I be?”

“Hey, it’d be all right. God’s got a plan, brother. I’m going to roll with it,” he said, according to

I understood why the Eagles’ front office didn’t give Jackson a contract extenstion. Just look at the players who got long term contracts during the season and failed to live up to expectations (Santonio Holmes, Chris Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, etc.)

I also understand why Jackson wanted his money (see Matt Forte). But Jackson handled the situation all wrong. Giving up on plays, not giving 100 percent, and acting like a big baby will not get you paid.

Jackson is a professional athlete and its his job to act like a professional even if he doesn’t like how his contract situation is being handled. I don’t know what the Eagles front office will do but it will be good for DeSean to change his attitude.

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  • Yeah now that the season is over….smh…well I thought he said have just STFU from the jump and just play the game…but hopefully he’ll get a decent deal and stay with eagles

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