Dwight Howard Adds Clippers to Potential Trade Destinations

Dwight Howard is a very likable dude. He plays hard and has a lot of charisma, but if he isn’t careful he is going to fall into the LeBron Zone.

No, his hairline wont start running away from his nose. In this case, the LeBron Zone is leveraging your way from the situation you are in to a better one.

Carmelo Anthony fell into it last year when he strong armed the Denver Nuggets into a deal to the Knicks, Deron Williams is about to do it for a second time after leveraging his way out of Utah. Now Dwight Howard is coming very close to it with the Magic.

Now this news from Chris Sheridan atSheridanHoops.com

SheridanHoops.com learned exclusively Monday that Howard recently expanded his list of preferred future destinations, adding the Clippers to a list that already included the Nets, the Mavericks and the Lakers.

“He’s been watching them a lot. He’s intrigued by the Clippers,” said the source, who is privy to the trade talks that have taken place between all of the aforementioned teams.

Maybe the Mayan’s were right, because if players WANTING to go to the Clippers WILLINGLY is not a sign of the end of the world, I don’t know what is.