Dwight Howard Engaged to Girlfriend Christine Vest? She is From LA, Laker Fan (Photos)


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This would be good news if you are a Lakers fan, since Christine is from LA.

As far as how true it is?

I am skeptical, first because it is being reported by that fast food site and also Dwight is the type of guy that if he was getting engaged he would make a big production out of it.

With Superman theme music and him jumping out of a cake or something.

Not as simple as just giving her a ring and not telling anyone.

She is cute and a musician, so wouldn’t be a bad choice if Dwight wanted to settle down.

One thought on “Dwight Howard Engaged to Girlfriend Christine Vest? She is From LA, Laker Fan (Photos)

  • First of all brfore yall begin to celebrate! christine got on twitter and a young man send her tweet saying congrats but she tweet back and said in bold words RUMORS! and she also said that the media need to do research. But if anyone get a chance to read this. If you think i am talking or stalking i am not but you donot believe me just type christine vest twitter. Because we all know that dwight is super private and he doesnot talk about personal life much. But when you read dwight howard twitter. He didnot mentioned that he and christine are engaged. It started with a painted picture that was giving to her on her 24th birthday.because i donnot hear nothing about it on radio, sportscenter,espn,highlightsexpress, and other shows that do sports and entertainment. Because the way christine was on twitter she sound very angry. but if anybody read this if you think i am telling a story just type christine vest twitter, read and see what she said and comment right back.

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