Dwight Howard: If God Wants Me To Play In Chicago, I’ll Be a Bull


Add another team to Dwight’s list, but now we have a twist.

It isn’t just Dwight making the decision, but also Tim Tebow errrrr God that will lead him out of Orlando.

One important thing from this interview Dwight did with Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune, is that he shoots down the rumor that adidas wouldn’t want him to go to Chicago, because they don’t want him and Derrick Rose in the same market.

I always knew that rumor was false, but Dwight clears it up.

I always thought if Dwight didn’t go to the Lakers, the Bulls would make most sense, if he and God cared about winning a Championship immediately.

Dwight and Derrick Rose is on par with Lebron and Wade. The Bulls already can compete with the Heat, I think this could put them over the top since we already know….



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